DEWALT DCK290L2 Review – The 20-Volt Max Li-Ion 3.0 AH Hammer Drill And Impact Driver Combo Kit Reviewed

By | October 1, 2020

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Dewalt DCK290L2 is another two tool combo kit manufactured by a famous power tool brand.

If you are wondering if this toolset can endure wear and tear even when faced with the most tedious tasks, please keep reading my Dewalt DCK290L2 review.

This kit includes a hammer drill and an impact driver. This can be best used for simple home repairs or basic constructions. With these essential tools, everyone can perform various repair and construction applications.

Being a world-known name for such tools made sure that Dewalt DCK 290L2 is just like all its products, quality-wise.

If you are looking for a tool investment that can be used both at home and work, you can consider getting a Dewalt DCK290L2 20 Volt Max Kit.

DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Combo Kit (DCK290L2)Check Price


As a basic combo power tool kit, the DCK290 kit comes with a DCD985 1/2-inch hammer drill and a DCF885 1/4-inch impact driver. As for professionals, these tools may be the most used for repairs and construction. Not surprisingly, they are among the most often used power tools combo kits for home use.


Dewalt DCD985 hammer drill

The Dewalt DCD985 hammer drill has a 535-watt motor. This ensures that this tool will deliver superior performance for light and moderate drilling jobs, perfect for home repairs and simple constructions. The DCD985 drill also has bit gripping strength for reducing slippage as it boasts a ½ inch ratcheting chuck.

It also comes with three patented all-metal speed options of 0-575 rpm, 0-1350, and 0-2000. This allows users to choose whatever speed they deemed most suitable for the task at hand. The available speed options are said to be 30% faster than those hammer drills that are currently available in the market.


  • Chuck – 1/2″ metal ratcheting chuck, with carbide inserts
  • Clutch settings – 22
  • Speed settings – 3 speed transmission
  • Max power, Watts – 535
  • Weight – 3.9 lbs
  • LED lights – yes, with a 20 delay feature
  • Compatible batteries – 3.0 AH (#DCB200) included,  4.0 AH (#DCB204), 5.0 AH (#DCB205)


dewalt dcf885

The DCF885 1/4-inch impact driver is straightforward to use for tight and cramped space. It has a ¼ hex chuck that accepts and grips through 1-inch bit tips, making it very convenient when you need to fasten in confined rooms. This driver also boasts a 2800 rpm motor.

The DCK290L2 20V tools also have a built-in LED work light to brighten those dark and dimly lit rooms. The LED work light reduces shadows giving you a more unobstructed view of the work to be done.


  • Chuck – 1/4″, hex
  • Impacts/min – 0 – 3200
  • Max torque, In-lbs – 1400
  • Weight – 2.0 lbs
  • LED lights – yes 3, with 20 delay feature
  • Compatible batteries – 3.0 AH (#DCB200) included,  4.0 AH (#DCB204), 5.0 AH (#DCB205)

What Is In The Box

Upon purchase of the toolset, it also includes two 20-volt max 3.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries, the one 30-minute Energy Star-rated charger, one 360-degree side handle, one belt hook, and one storage and carrying bag.

  • DCD985 hammer drill
  • DCF885 impact driver
  • 20-volt max 3.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries – 2 pieces
  • 30-minute charger
  • 360-degree side handle
  • belt hook
  • contractor bag


DCK290L2 vs DCK287D2 vs DCK299M2

Here is a comparison of this toolset with newer but more expensive DCK299M2 and DCK287D2 sets.

ToolsetHammer DrillImpact DriverBatteries ChargerOther ItemsNotes
DCK290L2 DCD985 DCF8852x 20V Max 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion30 minute1 Belt Hook, 360° side handle, Contractor Bag
DCK287D2 DCD796 DCF887 2x 20V Max XR 2.0Ah Lithium-IonIncluded2 Belt Hooks, Contractor Bag Brushless motors
DCK299M2 DCD996 DCF887 2x 20V Max XR 4.0Ah Lithium-IonIncluded2 Belt Hooks, 360° side handle, Contractor Bag Brushless motors

DCK390L2 vs DCK290L2

Dewalt DCK390L2 is the same kit as DCK290L2 but with added DCS393 circular saw.

More New Models

Dewalt has launched several new models including DCK299P2 and DCK287D1M1. I am looking into these toolsets and considering adding comparisons or even stand-alone reviews.

Dewalt DCK290L2 Reviews From Customers


Dewalt DCK290L2 combo kitThe Dewalt 20-Volt has almost nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers who have used it for years on end. In fact, it’s pretty difficult to find any negative feedback or problems people have faced while using this kit.

The reviews that most validate how incredible this kit is are the ones from professionals who have to use it in their line of work. One customer in particular with decades of experience using tools like these in his industry says that after all that experimenting, he has come to the conclusion that the Dewalt 20-Volt has the best cordless tools that money can buy.

The DCK 290L2 is considered to be one of the best cordless drill sets by users. Users have rated as the most powerful and high-quality tool that is fit for professionals.

These tools are pretty heavy duty so they cannot be used by just about anyone and would require a certain level of expertise to be able to handle them. They need to be treated with care since they are not made for everyone. The torque and drill are of high impact. The tool will jump a little when started, so one has to be careful about that.

Many customers mention that this kit’s tools are just as powerful as corded models are, despite being cordless. This is a feature that is very hard to find in other cordless tools, and the reason why so many people have said this kit is essential for those who have the need for it.

Numerous buyers have said the power in these hand tools has surprised them, to the point where there are also many people who have recommended this product to friends and family or outright bought it for them. Their performance for this price level is a grand bargain.

People often love the battery life on these tools. Usually, devices like this one require very frequent charging. But the DCK290L2 tools need very little recharging, and one charge can work for numerous times.

The battery life is also a point many mentioned in their reviews because they were surprised at how long they lasted without needing to be charged. Other tools in comparison need to be charged much more often.

The batteries also charge up pretty quickly, so one does not have to wait on it. Around 30 minutes of charge will make this work for long times to come. The charging time is so small is also a plus for professionals who are always on the move.

How lightweight the units are is also a plus, making them easy to travel and work with.

Overall, a large percentage of the reviews are people proclaiming this is the best kit they have ever used or that no other tools compare to the ones in the Dewalt 20V combo set.

Users also love the bag it comes with a bag. It is made of canvas, which is pretty heavy duty and can carry all the tools without having to fall apart.

Suggested Additions

People buying the toolset often also buy some of these drill and screw bits. I suggest to consider getting them as well:

  • Dewalt DWA2T40IR IMPACT READY FlexTorq Screw Driving Set, 40-Piece
  • Dewalt DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set, 14 piece
  • Dewalt DW5207 7-Piece Premium Percussion Masonry Drill Bit Set, 7 piece


Should you buy it? Actually, the more appropriate question is why wouldn’t you buy this great toolset? This toolkit includes two powerful and robust tools that can be used at home or at work.

This is an excellent investment if you are looking to use them for quite some time. Manufactured by one of the best names in the industry, you can be sure that it is of quality. Dewalt DCK 290L2 can be purchased online here – click here to see the current price!

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