Best Cordless Drills and Drill Combo Kits On The Market – Reviews For 2018

As technology evolved, so did the needs and necessities of the modern man. The utility kit has turned into a giant toolbox, which we have to fill with the best gadgets a man needs.

One of the most important tools a guy should have is a power drill. Since their invention, the drill has served man in a lot of their daily labors. From 2V to 40V of power, power drills come in different shapes and sizes. Higher voltage means heavier weight, so tend to buy something that suits 90% of your needs. The most popular models on the market have 12 and 18V.

It requires different types of drilling speed to tap into materials like softwood, hardwood, metal or masonry. A softer material can be drilled at a higher speed, so try to look for a drill with variable speed. This allows you to control the torsion at hand, resulting in a faster or smother drill job.

Deepening on the material you want to drill, there are different types of power tools. You can choose between Corded or Cordless drills, but nevertheless, almost all of them will have the desired outcome.

Before you make a selection, you first need to familiarize yourself with these easy-to-use drilling products.

Driver Drills

Makita 6347DWDEFirst, we have the small Screwdriver.

Light and compact, the screwdriver uses the least amount of power.

As the name implies, its main function is to drive screws. It is great for light tasks such as woodworking, hanging pictures, or minor home improvement/repairs, but they are not the right tool for drilling holes.

It usually has a range of 2.4 and 10.8 V.

We have reviewed  following tools of this type:

Power Drills

DEWALT DCD950BSecond is the Power Drill.

The most common tool in every handyman’s household, this mobile “toy” is capable of drilling holes in wood or light metal, as well as driving and removing screws smoothly whenever needed.

Most of them feature an adjustable clutch to regulate drill’s torque and an adjustable clutch to accommodate different sizes of screwdriver/drill bits, as well as hole saws, rotary sanders, wire-wheel brushers and others. Their typical power range varies from 7.2 V to 20V.

Impact Drivers

Third, we have the Impact Driver.

This compact tool is used mainly for heavy-duty jobs. It looks almost the same as the power drill but has a collet that accepts hex-shank driver bits, instead of the keyless chuck as in case of the drill. When the impact driver senses resistance as it drives, it instantly increases the level of torque, preventing the bit from slipping out of the screw head and also eliminating the need for a pilot hole.

It is not as effective in drilling holes as a power drill, but it can surely help you with driving screws, from normal ones, too large and long fasteners. Its usual power range is between 14.4 and 20 volts.

Hammer Drills

DEWALT DCD970KLMy last featured driver is the Hammer Drill.

It is the most powerful of all four and does a fine job with drilling through rough surfaces, like brick or concrete. The problem is, they have a louder noise and weigh a lot more.

They have the same adjustable clutch like the others, only with a more improved version featuring a final setting specially design for the hammer drill. The setting allows the drill bit to punch hammers in and out, as it spins at the same time. Their power range falls between 18 to 40 V max.

Drill Combo Kits


Good luck with your picks and have a productive day!