Milwaukee 2598-22 M12 Fuel Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit Review

By Jack | Updated: September 14, 2018

Milwaukee 2598-22Have you ever had trouble drilling holes in your walls? Well, you are not the only one. One of the biggest problems most people face when drilling is not with the walls, but with the equipment.

Sometimes we get the wrong sized drills, sometimes they do not have enough power for the walls they are being used on or just the wrong kind that messes the entire situation up.

For a quick solution, the Milwaukee 2598-22, a brushless cordless hammer drill and impact driver combo kit, is just what you need. Drilling holes made simple.


This combo kit is considered to be one of the most efficient and capable in the market because of all its great features.

The hammer drill, with an all-metal chuck for the best grip, is just the right size for those small hard to reach places. The E-Cutch has consistent repeatability. With 1700 RPM power state brushless motor it makes any work super-efficient.

The impact driver also has a very compact design with its 5.1” size, a 0-3300 RPM power state brushless motor, 1300 in-lbs of fastening torque, and 4-mode drive control.

The toolset weighs 8.73 pounds and is Lithium-ion battery driven. Its dimensions are 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches. The 12 Volts make the entire work a whole lot easier and faster for whoever works this machine.


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Milwaukee 2598-22 vs 2596-22 vs 2597-22

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Milwaukee 2598 22 Customer Reviews

The overall customer reviews for this product are positive.

Some said that this set works just as well as a more massive and more powerful counterpart, except it weighs less which is always better. They also mentioned it is the perfect set for contractors to have.

Another review mentioned that the buyer is delighted with the performance of this drill kit. This buyer also happens to possess the gen1 version, but have not been using it because it is much heavier, while the Milwaukee 2598 22 is much easier to carry around.

They also mentioned how much faster and more efficient it is than any other 12V tool. This person compared this tool with his others from Bosch and recommended this as better and more efficient. He likes the electronic clutch a lot more than a mechanical one. However, he mentions that it is sensitive to high power.

After perusing through all the information I could get hold of regarding the Milwaukee electric tools 2598-22 M12 fuel 2-piece kit 1/2″ hammer drill and 1/4″ Impact, I found out that it is a highly impressive product with outstanding performance to speak for. This toolset has helped many people facilitate their day-to-day work as I have come to believe after going through all the shared pictures of the received goods several highly satisfied people have posted online. From the reviews, it can be drawn that this product is straightforward to use for the beginners- this very quality has convinced many other customers to try this. You will not even regret paying extra for shipping.

The product is compact and lightweight which makes it a convenient gear. It has also been referred to as extremely fast and powerful. Its electronic clutch is an exceptional feature of this very edition when compared to the mechanical clutch version. When compared to Gen1 version, it is said to be relatively quieter. The bag that comes with it is also durable and more comfortable to use. However, despite all these great features, complains about the handles being slightly less comfortable when compared to the Gen1 fuel driver (which had slender handles on top) is also existent.

Pros and Cons


The Milwaukee model 2598-22 is an excellent choice for customers because it comes in a set instead of individually. One can get all their drilling requirements in one place with this one set which makes the job easier for most people.

These tools in the set are considered to be some of the most capable for their compactness. The compactness makes it very easy to carry around which is a typical problem with a lot of tools.

On top of that, the tools in this set are also very lightweight.

The dimensions of the tools add to its benefits, for they are tiny in size, which makes jobs for compact and small spaces easier than before.

The 4-Mode drive control is what gives this tool kit its edge and what makes its upper versatile. Situations, like overdriving, or stripping or breaking, are a common occurrence with such devices, but not with this one thanks to the 4-Mode drive control.


One of the disadvantages of this set is that this product is not shipped everywhere so some people might have trouble with getting it delivered to their doorstep, and even then it could have a customs charge slapped on it.

The price point can also be troublesome for some people as it is not very low on most websites.


Nonetheless, It is referred to as an excellent product that the brand has released and is highly recommended by the users. It is continually rated in the maximum, which explains why it has to be the best choice. As aforementioned, the shipping cost is insignificant when the result is the delivery of this beautiful electric toolkit.