Werner MT 22 Review | 22-Foot Aluminum Folding Werner Multi Ladder Review

By | February 2, 2021

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Do you have to clean up on your house’s eaves and need a tall ladder? Keep reading my Werner MT 22 Review to learn more!

Well, maybe the Werner MT-22 can be of great help to you. It is a sturdy unit that will surely keep your foothold steady.

Werner MT-22 telescoping-ladders, 22-FootWerner MT-22 telescoping-ladders, 22-FootCheck Price

Ladders have been around for quite a long time, and aside from the philosophical meaning they have grown to be associated with, the fact remains that they are one of the most useful tools of all time.

Allowing the user to gain higher grounds in order to get access to the upper floors, ceilings, terraces or roofs, a ladder is a fundamental part of the basic household equipment.

The most state-of-the-art ladders are not just simple step ladders with one assigned heights. If you will read the Werner MT-22 review, for example, you will see that it can be adjusted to fit into any height and to grow as long as the need arises.

Usually reaching about 22 feet, a height which is more than enough to fix lightings on trees or repair upper patios, this modern ladder also comes with soft-touch push knobs that make handling the giant tool easier than ever before.

It is made primarily of aluminum to resist magnetism and rust, and it has a stainless steel coating to add an extra layer of protection to support the user’s weight as he climbs.

A few ladders in the market can even be attached as additional step-ladders to sustain mass far greater than their own. With the help of inner springs, the stretching function is also improved.

Werner MT22 Features

If you think your ladder takes up so much space, then the MT-22 has hinges that make conversions and height adjustments reasonably straightforward.

The innovative design allows you to switch from one position to another with the push-knob hinges. These are found on the side of the ladder, and its location also allows for easy access. The inner section permits it to be folded into the different configurations.

To change the height and position, all you have to use is the J-locks. These are spring-loaded J-locks, and it allows you to adjust your height in increments of 1 foot. All you have to do is disengage the J-locks, telescope your height adjustment then engage the locks again.

Werner has been a brand name that has become synonymous with home improvement tools and products.

They are known for their high-quality products and service which is why a lot of industry experts and professionals prefer to buy tools built by the brand, including the MT 22 Feet Telescoping Multi Ladder.

You will be able to find a Werner unit in the professional environment and homes because the brand is known for its line of ladders that people prefer to use because of its excellent quality and high safety standards.

werner multi ladder 22


Compact Design

The Werner MT-22 is 22 feet telescoping multi-purpose ladder that you can fold as well as shorten up to 6 feet. This indicates that the ladder has a compact design to enjoy easy transportation. Moreover, you can store MT-22 easily because of the same feature.

As for its strength, the brand has designed MT-22 solid enough to load weight up to 300 pounds.  So, two people can climb up the ladder at the same time to work with it.

Five Positions

The Werner MT series Telescoping Multi-Ladder offers excellent versatility to meet your indoor and outdoor jobs. These ladders can be converted to different positions depending on your needs.

Werner MT-22 boasts 5 positions that have impressed us with its versatility.

The twin-step ladder gives you double sides so that you and your mate can use it and work at the same time.

Next, you can convert it into a stairway step ladder. With this, you may easily access the complex places while cleaning or panting.

Then, you can extend it up to 22 feet to use as an extension ladder. You will just need to place the MT-22 against the wall or tree to climb up. However, you may not be able to step on the top two steps. Instead, you may hold onto the rungs to get better stability.

The product has features similar to a wall ladder as well that you can make the most of.

Lastly, you can use it as two scaffold bases. It might be of big help if you want to work directly above a hole in the ground. Plus, you can use the scaffold base to work on a wide high piece too without the need of continually moving the ladder.

28 Different Working Heights or Positions

MT-22 possesses up to 28 positions or heights that you can adjust. You will just need to disengage the spring-loaded J-locks, telescope the position adjustment, and lastly engage the J-locks back again. With this, you can adjust the height in increments of 1 foot. Here is the list of height limit that each version can give you:

  • Extended Height: 11 to 19 feet
  • Highest standing-level (as extension-ladder): 15.5 feet
  • Height of reach (as extension-ladder): 22 feet
  • Maximum height of A-frame: 5 to 9 feet.
  • Highest standing-level (as stepladder) 6 feet 8 inches.

Shatterproof J-Locks

Werner MT-22 comes with J-locks that refer to spring-loaded mortised bolts. The brand has designed these with aluminum material that is shatterproof and sturdy. Moreover, you will find them easy to use and secure to adjust and lock the ladder strongly.

Soft-touch Push-knobs

MT-22 has a push-knob mechanism that can let you adjust the configuration of the ladder easily. With this, you can turn the step ladder into an extension ladder. And we think the transition will be simple for every user.

Double-riveted Steps

The big plus of the multi-ladder can be its double-riveted steps. It means each of the steps has been fastened with double rivets. This ensures safe-distribution of the weight so you can get maximum security.

Extra-wide Flared Bottom

The MT-22 boasts flared legs at the bottom which we have found very interesting. Because the flared bottoms are extra-wide, it can offer firm support while boosting the stability of the ladder.

Slip-resistant Feet

The Werner has added solid rubber to the feet of the ladder. The material is slip-resistant as well as non-marring. Because of this, the multi-ladder feels safe to us.

Adjustable Telescoping Design

As stated earlier, we have found the Werner MT-22 to be pretty versatile, thanks to its adjustable telescopic design.

Such design uses patented technology so you can extend and lock the ladder with the foot to your preferred height. If you want, you can fold it small enough to fit in your car’s trunk.

Solid Build

The Werner MT22 Telescoping MultiLadder is a bit heavy, but for a person of regular strength, this would not be a problem. However, there is a reason why it is on the heavy said, and it is because it is made of high-quality materials.

It has been designed as such to make sure that people will be able to use it not just for months but years. It is compact and manageable though so using it around your home should not be difficult to do (check the user manual before using it!).  And it makes up for the fact that the tool is quite heavy.

Outdoor and Indoor Use

Werner MT-22 is a great tool to use for both indoor and outdoor work.

It is tall enough to reach the roof, and it is adjustable so you can change it depending on how high you would need it to be. You can easily switch it to an extension ladder, but it is advisable to do it on a flat surface where it will be easier for you to extend it fully.

If you are doing it on your own, you may want to pick it up from one end then moving to the middle to put it in place. You can also use it inside your home.

Two people can simultaneously stand on each side to get a simple or tough job done. You will be able to use it no matter what task you need to work on as it can just be converted into a stepladder, prolongation ladder or dual skeleton bases if it is to be used with lumber (not included in the package).

werner mt22 ladder outdoors

Package Contents

Werner MT-22 comes folded in the box. Apart from the multi-ladder, you will get an instruction manual included with the packaging.


In general, the Werner MT-22 comes in 8 by 20 by 69 inches’ dimensions that can be pretty much a proper size for you.

Design-wise, you can call the Werner MT-22 a versatile product. Its telescopic technology has given the ladder a decent flexibility. As a result, you easily adjust the height of the ladder as well as its position. Moreover, you can transform it into five versions that can fulfil your different requirements. Plus, you can adjust it to 28 different levels of height.

Because the ladder can bear the weight of up to 300lbs, two people can easily climb up at the same time.

Not just that, the folding option of the Werner MT-22 can be another amazing factor. It makes the product compact enough to store easily.

Moreover, the ladder comes in traditional color, that is the classic silver. The brand has constructed it with high-quality Galvanized Aluminum. You can find the material both solid and weatherproof. One drawback here is that the multi-ladder lacks coating which can result in aluminum oxide. And this can cause a safety concern.

Another downside is that it can be slightly heavy for transportation as it weighs around 42lbs. But, if there are two to three people, they can manage to lug it around.

A small flaw in the design can be its instability. After you extend the ladder, it can be slightly shaky at full A-frame height. But the good part is that it features flared legs that make up for the issue.

That said, the benefits of the Werner MT-22 can impress you.

Pros And Cons


  • High-quality and weatherproof material ensures durability.
  • You can extend it up to 22 feet and shorten it up to 6 feet with ease.
  • Can tolerate the weight capacity of up to 300lbs.
  • Can transform into 5 positions: Twin Step Ladder, Stairway Step Ladder, Extension ladder, Two Scaffold bases, and Wall Ladder.
  • You can adjust it to 28 different working heights.
  • The folding option can help you fit in your car’s trunk.
  • It comes with extra-wide flared bottom that ensures decent stability.
  • The legs are slip-resistant that ensures stability too.
  • The steps come with double rivets to guarantee safety.
  • Pins and J-locks are easy to understand.
  • Easy to use and adjust.


  • The ladder lacks coating that can cause aluminum oxide which can be harmful to you.
  • One person cannot lug it around since it is very heavyweight.
  • You may find it a little shaky at a complete A-frame height.

J-locks and pins need great strength and skills to handle.

Other MT Series Models

Model Lenght,
Max Load,
MT-13 13 300 13 32
MT-17 17 300 20 40
MT-22 22 300 28 47
MT-26 26 300 37 63

Werner MT-22 Reviews From Users

We have found countless positive feedbacks that were more than the negatives after scouring the internet.

Some users loved the ladder because of its versatility. One mentioned that he found the multiple configurations excellent to work on stairs. Not just that, he felt the pins and locks easy to understand too despite the strength and dexterity they need to handle.

One user loved using it for different projects. He mentioned how it helped him in a variety of projects starting from the attic, tree trimming, roofing to painting jobs. Plus, the durability of the multi-ladder impressed him too. He mentioned using it inside as well as outside during extreme weather conditions and how these didn’t affect the product.

One of the users complimented the size of the ladder. She mentioned that she needed one that will be big enough to reach heights and compact enough to fit in the trunk of her car. And she got that in the form of MT-22 by Werner.

We have found two best friends who praised the ladder for its stability in their review. They shared their story stating how it held their weight during a project they had worked on together and how they loved it.

Here is what Ann has to say.

There are 4 females in my family—my mom, my 2 elder sisters, and me. We all love house decoration that’s why we always redecorate the house according to the season’s celebration. Every February, our house is filled with hearts and cupids for we want to feel the love whenever Valentine is near. During Halloween, we also put scary decors all over and for Christmas, we have our giant Christmas tree filled with glittering balls and lights. House decoration was never easy but since we are doing this together, it’s much happier and with our ever-reliable Werner 22 ft ladder, things are made simpler. We all love this Werner folding ladder 22 because it can be easily transformed into a twin stepladder, stairway stepladder, extension ladder, two scaffold bases, and many others through its soft-touch push knobs. It is also very safe to use with its double-riveted steps. The Werner multi ladder 22 is superior quality product can be used indoors and outdoors.

This is a testimonial from Peter.

Christmas is one of the most awaited seasons every year. In our household, we spend a great deal of time decorating the house with Christmas decors and beautifying our 8-foot tall Christmas tree. Since we are all average-sized individuals, we really need to use a ladder to reach the highest peak of the tree and to hang furnishings in the ceiling. Good thing, we have a Werner multi ladder MT 22 that we’ve been relying on for 3 years. This wonderfully-made 22 foot ladder provides the user with a wide range of working heights and positions for it has soft-touch push knobs that allow you to adjust the ladder depending on your preferred position and height. Another great thing that the whole family loves about this product is its quality to endure heavy-duty outdoor jobs that it’s still in good condition even after 3 years of strenuous work and great service. It is also proven safe and comfortable to use.


Werner MT-22 Multi-Purpose ladder can fulfill your different requirements when working on a project. It can extend up to 22 feet that you can find long enough to reach the peak of your roof or tree. Apart from projects, it can be useful for climbing up and cleaning complex areas of the spots too.

Not just the versatility, the multi-ladder also has impressed the users and us with its long-lasting performance. The weight capacity it can hold and the abuses it can take may impress you too.

So, if you are looking for a multi-purpose ladder, then Werner MT-22 can be a reliable option that you can think of.

The MT 22 Feet Telescoping Multi Ladder. is one of the best ladders you can buy.