Werner MT-22 22-Foot Aluminum Folding Ladder Review

Do you have to clean up on your house’s eaves and need a tall ladder?

Well, maybe the Werner MT-22 can be of great help to you. it is a strong ladder that will surely keep your foothold steady.

Werner MT-22 telescoping multi ladderYou will also feel safe up there with this ladder’s flared bottom.

Different Positions for Different Jobs

The Werner MT series Telescoping Multi-Ladder offers great versatility to meet your indoor and outdoor jobs.

These ladders can be converted to different positions depending on your needs.

If you are looking for a ladder with a higher range, the MT-22 would be best. You can reach the space you are getting to if you need to do some paint jobs or cleaning.

From a stepladder, you can convert it to a twin stepladder. When working along the stairs, the MT-22 can also become a stairway stepladder.

Also, you can convert into an extension ladder or as scaffold bases to be used with a plank.

Werner MT-22 Reviews From Users

If you think your ladder takes up so much space, then the MT-22 has hinges that make conversions and height adjustments fairly straightforward.

The innovative design from Werner allows you to switch from one position to another with the push-knob hinges. These are found on the side of the ladder and its position also allows for easy access. The inner section of the ladder permits it to be folded into the different configurations.

To change the height of the ladder, all you have to use is the J-locks. These are spring-loaded J-locks and it allows you to change your height in increments of 1 foot. All you have to do is disengage the J-locks, telescope your height adjustment then engage the locks again.

Safe Climbing

The first thing you would look for a ladder with a high height range would be the safety features that it has. As for the Werner MT-22 Multi-Ladder, it has wide flared bottoms for firm ground support.

Also, the heavy duty legs are covered with rubber so that the ladder does not slip under you. to help you climb up the ladder, there are side rails that also support and ensure your safety while you are mounted on this ladder.

The MT-22 supports up to 300 pounds and is made from quality grade materials for durability and long tool life. So, for all your climbing equipment needs, a Werner ladder would be a great choice.

Solidly Built

The Werner MT22 Telescoping Multi-Ladder is a bit heavy but for a person of regular strength, this would not be a problem. However, there is a reason why it is on the heavy said and it is because the multi-ladder is made of high-quality materials.

It has been designed as such to make sure that people will be able to use it not just for months but years. It is compact and manageable though so using it around your home should not be difficult to do and it makes up for the fact that the ladder is quite heavy.

Designed For Outdoor and Indoor Use

Werner MT 22 is a great tool to use for both outdoor and indoor work.

It is tall enough to reach the roof and it is adjustable so you can change it depending on how high you would need it to be. You can easily switch it to an extension ladder but it is advisable to do it on a flat surface where it will be easier for you to fully extend it.

If you are doing it on your own, you may want to pick it up from one end then moving to the middle to put it in place. You can also use it inside your home.

Two people can simultaneously stand on each side to get a simple or tough job done. You will be able to use it no matter what task you need to work on as it can simply be converted into a stepladder, prolongation ladder or dual skeleton bases if it is to be used with a lumber (not included in the package).

Industry Professionals’ Choice

Werner has been a brand name that has become synonymous with home improvement tools and products.

They are known for their high-quality products and service which is why a lot of industry experts and professionals prefer to buy tools that are manufactured by Werner, including the MT-22 Telescoping Multi Ladder.

You will be able to find a Werner ladder in the professional environment and in homes because Werner is known for its line of ladders that people prefer to use because of its good quality and high safety standards.