Makita Cordless Combo Tool Kit Lineup For 2018

By Jack | Updated: November 17, 2014

Power tools have become a necessity in our everyday lives.

From making a simple hole in the wall to entirely painting the wall, power tools are always there to help finish the work quickly with finesse.

Among these power tools, probably, the most frequently used tool has to be the power drill machines.

Makita Corporation is a renowned company that has great accreditation all around the world for its durability and unmatched power tools.

Hence, the following reviews of an array of Makita Power Drills that are worth looking at. Do have a look at all these cordless drills.


Makita LXFD01CWComing with a manufacturing warranty of 3 years, LXFD01CW is an extremely convenient drill machine.

This one only comes with a drilling driver and does not have the impact driver. So you cannot tighten a screw or bolt with this set.

Although, it has only one driver, it does come with 2 lithium ion batteries, each of 18 volts. The charger has the 15 minute rapid charge ability, therefore, having 2 batteries and quick charging options will provide much more productivity from this drill.

Keep in mind that the batteries and the charger have only 1 year warranty. The price does seem a bit greater compared to a few other alternatives.


Makita LCT203WThis is a very handy and compact power drill set.

Suitable for doing work at home, it comes in a tool case which contains 2 machines: one is the drilling driver and the other one is the impact driver for putting and tightening bolts and screws.

It also comes with two lithium ion batteries that are brilliant at holding the charge for quite some hours. The charger is programmed in such a way that it prevents the batteries from overcharging. In this manner, one does not have to replace the batteries too often.

Overall, the Makita LCT209W is an excellent performing tool for a good bargain and a 3 year manufacturing warranty.


Makita LCT200WThe Makita LCT200W is another compatible product from the company.

It comes with 3 years of manufacturing warranty with the batteries and the charger having 1 year only.

It has a drilling driver that can be operated with 2 speed levels and weighs only 3.5 pounds. The impact driver which has a weight of only 2.8 pounds, can also be used with multiple speed levels.

This set comes with 2 Li Ion batteries which can be instantly charged within 15 minutes by the Energy Star certified charger. The LCT200W is a lightweight tool set, which does not drill through your wallet.


Makita LCT300WThe LCT300W comes with 2 lightweight drivers, one for drilling and the other for tightening screws and bolts.

The changeable speeds of the drivers provide greater usability as you can easily use them according to your actual needs.

There is also a flashlight with Xenon lights added to this combo which provides 2 hours of backup from one charge.

The smart charger that takes 15 minutes to quickly charge the two Li Ion batteries are an added bonus for the users. A 3-year of warranty is provided by the manufacture for any defects in the built of the products. But for the charger, batteries and the flashlight, it is only for 1 year.


Makita LXT406The Makita LXT406 is a tool set worth the money because of its high functionality.

Having a 3-year of warranty on the 2-speed hammer style drilling driver, the circular saw and the reciprocating saw.

The built quality of the products is impeccable. Moreover, they will be replaced if some sort of manufacturing defects are found.

The tools are fun to use because they do not put a lot of stress on you while working with them; one reason has to be the lightweight of the tools.

There is also a flashlight which is quite convenient for working in dark areas.

There are two lithium ion batteries and a quick charge, giving a boost within 30 minutes. LXT406 kit is definitely a well-balanced package for the bucks.


Makita LXT601Makita LXT601 is the complete set for professionals.

With a drill machine, it also has an impact driver, a reciprocating saw with a blade, a circular saw, a grinder, wrench, saw blade, a tool case and a torch light.

If that’s not the perfect power tool set, then what is? Although it comes with 2 Li-Ion batteries, each of 18 volt, but it would have been better if there was one for every tool in the set.

But there is nothing to worry about, because the quick charger easily charges the batteries in a short period.

All the tools have a warranty for 3 years, except for the batteries, charger and the torch light, which have only a year long warranty.


Makita LXT702The best one in the list yet, the LXT702 has to be the ultimate power tool set for the work fanatics.

This great tool set consists of 7 pieces of hardware, all of which have the great Japanese standards and built quality.

There is the hammer drilling driver, a circular saw, an impact driver, a reciprocating saw, an angle grinder, a torchlight and a Job Site radio to keep the mood up during work.

All the tools are easy to handle and are light to carry.

The 2 lithium ion batteries provide enough charge to complete the job, but even if there is an emergency, a quick charge within 30 minutes is available by the smart charger.

All the power tools have a warranty of 3 years, with the batteries and the charger having a mere 1 year warranty.

The LXT702 kit is a must-buy for the price at which it’s offered.