Makita Cordless Tool Set Lineup For 2022 – Quick Overview

By | August 21, 2022

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Power tools have become a necessity in our everyday lives.

From making a simple hole in the wall to entirely painting the wall, power tools are always there to help finish the work quickly with finesse.

Makita tool set is often one of the favorite choices for many professionals and DIY hobbyists.

New Makita Products

Makita Corporation is a renowned company that has great accreditation all around the world for its durability and unmatched power tools.


Popular Makita Products

Among these power tools, probably, the most frequently used tool has to be the power drill machines.

Hence, the following reviews of an array of Makita Power Drills that are worth looking at. Do have a look at all these cordless drill kits.



Coming with a manufacturing warranty of 3 years, Makita FD061 is an extremely convenient drill machine.

This one only comes with a drilling driver and does not have the impact driver. So you cannot tighten a screw or bolt with this set.

Driving screws into walls has never been easier, thanks to the Makita FD061. It comes not only with an 18-volt compact lithium-ion cordless 1/2-inch driver-drill, but also with a 3.0Ah 18-volt compact lithium-ion battery, a regular charger, a tool, and a tool case.

The charger has the 60-minute charge ability, therefore, it will provide much more productivity from this drill.

Keep in mind that the batteries and the charger have only a 1-year warranty. The price does seem a bit greater compared to a few other alternatives.

Its numerous features enable it to be the perfect tool for a huge range of applications such as plumbing, remodeling, woodworking, and HVAC services.

Surprisingly, regardless of its heavy-packed functions, the Makita FD061 weighs only 3.8 pounds, freeing its users from the inconvenience of carrying heavy machinery around.

The product is very well regarded by both technicians in the industry and people who need it for hobbies.

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LCT209W & XT279S


This is a very handy and compact power drill set. Driver drill kits are hard to come across, especially ones that deliver to our heart’s content. The Makita LCT209W is one of a kind set that every engineer needs to have in his collection.

Other than being from a renowned brand, the LCT209W also houses great features every contractor is in search of.

The variable speed impact driver provides Max Torque, while the variable speed drill is keyless. Handling drill machines is a hard job, but with the soft-grip handle, even that is made easy.

With a charging time of only 30 minutes, this product is even better for those quick calls.

Most of the buyers mention enjoying the soft grip and lightweight materials.

Some of the customers even mention that the impact driver is actually really good at drilling, sometimes better than the drill itself, so its function doubles.

Suitable for doing work at home, it comes in a tool case that contains 2 machines: one is the drilling driver and the other one is the impact driver for putting and tightening bolts and screws.

It also comes with two lithium-ion batteries that are brilliant at holding the charge for quite some hours. The charger is programmed in such a way that it prevents the batteries from overcharging. In this manner, one does not have to replace the batteries too often.

Overall, the Makita LCT209W is an excellent performing tool for a good bargain and a 3-year manufacturing warranty.

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LCT200W & CT226

Makita CT226

The Makita LCT200W is another compatible product from the company.

It comes with 3 years of manufacturing warranty with the batteries and the charger having 1 year only.

It has a drilling driver that can be operated with 2-speed levels and weighs only 3.5 pounds. The impact driver which has a weight of only 2.8 pounds, can also be used with multiple speed levels.

This set comes with 2 Li-Ion batteries which can be instantly charged within 15 minutes by the Energy Star certified charger. The LCT200W is a lightweight toolset, which does not drill through your wallet.

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XT218 & XT269M

Makita XT269M

Drilling holes into walls are one tough job, but with the right tools, even this tricky business becomes easy.

The Makita XT218 is a simple toolset that does most of the work for you.

With an array of amazing features, the instruments in this set make sure that you do not require anything else while drilling.

The hammer driver-drill can deliver max torque with its 4-pole motor and is a feature customers love about this product.

Another mentionable feature would be the variable speed impact driver which lets one change the speed according to their own needs.

As for reviews, the customers seem to love the LEDs a lot, which helps light up the area to avoid mistakes or accidents, along with the convenient tool belt.

One buyer mentioned how his battery lasted for a decade which made the product truly special to him, as this is a rare case for tools nowadays.

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Makita CT322W


The Makita CT322W comes with 2 lightweight drivers, one for drilling and the other for tightening screws and bolts.

The changeable speeds of the drivers provide greater usability as you can easily use them according to your actual needs.

There is also a flashlight with Xenon lights added to this combo which provides 2 hours of backup from one charge.

The smart charger that takes 15 minutes to quickly charge the two Li-Ion batteries are an added bonus for the users. A 3-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer for any defects in the built of the products. But for the charger, batteries and the flashlight, it is only for 1 year.


The Makita LXT406 is a toolset worth the money because of its high functionality.

Having a 3-year warranty on the 2-speed hammer style drilling driver, the circular saw and the reciprocating saw.

The built quality of the products is impeccable. Moreover, they will be replaced if some sort of manufacturing defects are found.

The tools are fun to use because they do not put a lot of stress on you while working with them; one reason has to be the lightweight of the tools.

There is also a flashlight which is quite convenient for working in dark areas.

There are two lithium-ion batteries and a quick charge, giving a boost within 30 minutes. LXT406 kit is definitely a well-balanced package for the bucks.

LXT601 & XT505

Makita XT505 set on the table

Makita LXT601 is the complete set for professionals.

With a drill machine, it also has an impact driver, a reciprocating saw with a blade, a circular saw, a grinder, wrench, saw blade, a tool case, and a torchlight.

If that’s not the perfect power toolset, then what is? Although it comes with 2 Li-Ion batteries, each of 18 volts, it would have been better if there was one for every tool in the set.

But there is nothing to worry about because the quick charger easily charges the batteries in a short period.

All the tools have a warranty for 3 years, except for the batteries, charger and the torchlight, which have only a year-long warranty.

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Makita XT704


The best one in the list yet, the Makita XT704 has to be the ultimate power tool set for the work fanatics.

This great toolset consists of 7 pieces of hardware, all of which have great Japanese standards and built quality.

There is the hammer drilling driver, a circular saw, an impact driver, a reciprocating saw, an angle grinder, a torchlight and a Job Site radio to keep the mood up during work.

All the tools are easy to handle and are light to carry.

The 2 lithium-ion batteries provide enough charge to complete the job, but even if there is an emergency, a quick charge within 30 minutes is available by the smart charger.

All the power tools have a warranty of 3 years, with the batteries and the charger having a mere 1-year warranty.

The XT704 kit is a must-buy for the price at which it’s offered.

Makita Drywall Sanders

Makita XLS01T and XLS01Z (bare tool) deliver increased efficiency and mobility for drywall finishers. The compact and lightweight design make these tools easier to use for extended periods of time.



Discontinued Models


If you are looking for a terrific driver-drill kit, Makita is one of the most reliable in its class.

The Makita 6347DWDE is engineered for various drilling and driving applications. This product not just delivers performance and power, but also good ergonomics in a great size.

Other features of this drill include a rubberized rear grip, forward and reverse controls and a durable non-rubberized plastic adjustment ring.  The tool is both powerful and accurate, with terrific ergonomic design, making it suitable for jobs inside and outside.

Positive comments have been made for this driver-drill kit’s design by purchasers, although some disliked the average battery life and a few said it was a little heavy for them.

When shopping for tools for your household renovation or improvement projects, make sure that you get good drill like the Makita 6347D Cordless Drill.

This is a portable tool that will handle all your applications with ease and provides comfort to the user as well.

When heavy duty tools tend to be heavy as well, this one great tool will really make you love your work.

Finish all your drilling and driving with the use of this tool. You will find that this is a very easy-to-handle piece of equipment with great features and efficiency.

Take a step and admire the workmanship of this drill/driver.

Efficient and Powerful

A drill/driver should be efficient and packs a lot of power in order to finish the task. If those are the features you are looking for, then the Makita 6347D drill/driver will not bring you down.

If you are in need of drilling and driving equipment, the efficient power of this drill will be of great help to you. The dual speeds of 0-100/0-1,300 rpm will assure you of a great outcome. The powerful all-metal transmission is smooth. The dual ball bearings, field magnet and precision balancing all make this equipment a heaven-sent.

Makita does not want to compromise your comfort with its equipment. It has been one of the best manufacturers of industrial tools and they have a lot of experience when it comes to customer satisfaction. In the same way, they get such good reviews because they make sure they provide their consumers with equipment of topnotch quality.

Shift Lock Drive Mode Switch

The exclusive Shift Lock Drive works by locking out the clutch with just a single click. This is the easiest way to switch from “Drill” to “Driver” mode.

The amazing rubberized handle is very good to the hands and the ergonomic handgrip provides comfort while you are working. Even by just holding the tool, you will find out why Makita indeed is a great brand.

Customer Reviews

Continuing the successful line of mechanical combo kits and power tools, the 6347DWDE establishes itself as a proud new model of the famous Makita products.

Even though it is less popular compared to other Makita kits, the 6347DWDE is an amazing tool when its price is taken into account.

Accomplishing the tasks of screw driving and drilling together has never been easier before. Able to fit into multiple different works, the professionals have valued this model to be energy efficient. Its extended battery life has been a constant subject of praise.

Those who prefer fixing their own household appliances have also reported having fallen in love with this marvel due to how easy it is to use. Specifically, one con that appears from using the Makita 6347DWDE from a professional standpoint, is a certain lack of strength. Having at least 14.5 volts of power would have made this product totally perfect.

Box Contents

Aside from the drill/driver, there are 2 batteries included as well as the two-headed bit, multi-volt charger, plastic tool case, and keyless chuck. You will surely love to do the drilling and driving when you get this Makita 6347 DWDE.

Makita BDF452HW vs BDF452

When you have lots of woodworking jobs, steel drilling, plumbing, or electrical works, you need a sturdy drill-driver like Makita BDF452HW or Makita BDF452 to help you in your purposes.

That is why the Makita series of cordless power tools are greatly recommended for you. Makita has an assortment of quite a few industrial tools that will help you to complete your tasks faster and easier.

Makita BDF452 and BDF452HW are similar tool kits, and that is why people often can not decide which product they should chose. Keep reading and you will learn about the most important features of both products and differences that set them apart.

Keep reading to learn more!Makita BDF452HW and BDF452

If ever you need a heavy-duty driver-drill that operates with brute force, these tools are not great choices. However, these can handle regular to medium tasks.

They offer convenient ways to do your jobs since they are cordless. Also, these pieces of equipment are easy to use and have batteries that last longer.

Makita is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial tools and accessories. They are known for their quality equipment that come in compact designs with added energy efficiency features.

So, if ever you are looking for any tool for your woodworking, steelworks and others, Makita has industrial-quality power tools that will satisfy your needs.


  • 3 Year Warranty for the Makita Lithium-Ion tool
  • 1 Year Warranty for Lithium-Ion batteries and chargers

BDF452HW and BDF452 Common Features

The Makita BDF452HW and Makita BDF452 are cordless driver drills with several similar features. But, they also have differences because the BDF452 HW is a step ahead of the latter when it comes to charging time.

Let’s see the powerful features that both tools have in common.

Power Features

  • Makita-built 4-pole maximum torque motor
  • 2-speed all-metal transmission (0-450 RPM in low speed, 0-1500 in high)
  • Delivers 285 in.lbs PTI torque and 450 in.lbs Max torque

Comfortable Design

  • Compact design
  • LED light for proper illumination
  • Ergonomic grip

With these features, the Makita cordless tools are well suited for a wide range of applications that need drilling and driving.

BDF452 vs BDF452HW Differences

The deciding factor between the two models would be their weight and battery time.

That being said the only difference between this kit (BDF452) and the BDF452HW is the color (white vs blue), the plastic grip around the chuck, and the batteries.

The BDF452HW includes 1.5 ampere-hour batteries, where this kit includes the 3.0ah batteries, offering twice the run-time.

If you can deal with a shorter, but still surprisingly good, run-time, you can save about $100 and go with the BDF452HW.


The ease of use of cordless tools extends also to having a comfortable workspace where you don’t have to look where you go so you don’t trip over any wires.


  • 18 V LXT Lithium ion batteries
  • Weight: 4.1 lbs with battery
  • Charging time: 30 minutes

Box contains:

  • BDF452 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2-Inch Driver Drill
  • two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries
  • 30-Minute Rapid Optimum Charger
  • tool belt clip
  • tool case


This tool also operates on batteries. That means you have to charge it every now and then. It doesn’t make use of the old Ni-Cd battery technology that lasts for only a short period of time but it uses the more advanced Lithium Ion technology.


  • 18 V LXT Lithium ion batteries
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs with battery
  • Charging time: 15 minutes

Box contains:

  • BDF452 HW 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2-Inch Driver-Drill
  • two 18V compact lithium-ion batteries
  • 15-Minute Rapid Optimum Charger
  • tool case