Dewalt 20V Max Combo Tool Kit Reviews 2018

In the middle of 2011 one of the leading power tool manufacturers, Dewalt released 8 new 20V combo tool kits. If you want to find out more about Dewalt 20V Max Combo Kits, just keep reading!

I will tell you about combo kits like DCK280C2, DCK285C2, DCK290L2, DCK292L2, DCK294L3, DCK490L2, DCK491L2, DCK590L2, and many more.

You will learn about contents of each kit and you will see the best deals and offers!

You will find out which power tools are included in these 2-piece, 4-piece, and even 5-piece wireless combo kits.

Dewalt 20V Max Combo Tool Kits

DCK280C2 / DCK491L2 / DCK590L2

Dewalt DCK280C2

DEWALT DCK280C2DEWALT DCK280C2 combo Kit is a 2 tool kit consisting of DCD780 1/2-inch drill/driver and DCF885 1/4-inch impact driver.

The DCK280C2 is a good choice for people like cabinet makers, plumbers, and contractors, to go through various applications.

In addition to these two power tools, you also get 2 pieces of 20-volt max 1.5 Ah lithium-ion batteries, a 30-minute Energy Star-rated charger, a bit tip holder, two belt hooks for your convenience, and a plastic storage and carrying case for transporting your tool kit.

Dewalt DCK240C2 vs DCK280C2

Here is the comparison table of Dewalt DCK280C2 vs DCK240C2.

 Dewalt DCK240C2Dewalt DCK280C2
Drill/DriverDCD771 DCD780
Impact DriverDCF885 DCF885
Battery2x 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 1.3 Ah Battery Packs2x 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 1.5 Ah Battery Pack
Charger20V MAX* Charger20V MAX* Charger
AccessoriesContractor BagContractor Bag, bit tip holder, belt hooks

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Dewalt DCK285C2

DEWALT DCK285C2If you need a more versatile entry-level combo kit, nothing beats DCK285C2 set.

It includes DCD785 1/2-inch hammer drill and the compact DCF885 1/4-inch impact driver. You will also get two 20V MAX* 1.5 Ah Li-Ion battery packs, two belt hooks, a battery charger, and a plastic box for storage and transportation

DCK280C2 vs DCK285C2 vs DKC385C2 – What Is The Difference?

There are few minor differences between Dewalt DCK280C2, DCK285C2, and DKC385C2 combo kits.

DCK280C2 contains:

  • -DCD780 1/2-inch drill/driver
  • -DCF885 1/4-inch impact driver

DCK285C2 contains:

  • DCD785 1/2-inch hammer drill
  • DCF885 1/4-inch impact driver

DKC385C2 contains:

  • DCD785 1/2-inch hammer drill
  • DCF885 1/4-inch impact driver
  • DCR018 worksite radio

Dewalt DCK290L2

Dewalt DCK290L2_K1Dewalt DCK290L2 combo kit comes with DCD985 1/2-inch hammer drill and DCF885 1/4-inch impact drill driver.

You will also get a set of 2 20-volt max 3.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries, a quick battery charger, a 360-degree side handle for the drill, belt hook, and a handy storage and carrying bag.

Dewalt DCK292L2

DEWALT DCK292L2If you are looking for a basic quality toolkit with a reciprocating saw, you should check out DCK292L2 combo kit.

It includes DCD785 1/2-inch hammer drill and the DCS380 reciprocating saw together with 2 pieces of 20-volt max 3.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries with a quick charger, a side handle, and a carrying bag.

Dewalt DCK294L3

DEWALT DCK294L3If you need nothing more than a power screwdriver and a drill, look at the DKC294L3 kit.

It includes a DCD985 hammer drill and a12V DCF610 1/4-inch screwdriver with two battery packs and other regular accessories.

Dewalt DCK490L2

DEWALT DCK490L2If you chose DCK490L2 combo kit you will get a DCD985 premium hammer drill, DCF885 impact driver, a DCS381 reciprocating saw, and DCL040 LED work light.

The kit is bundled with two 20-volt max batteries and universal 12-volt max/20-volt max battery charger, a belt hook and 360-degree side handle, and a contractor bag.

Dewalt DCK491L2

DEWALT DCK491L2DEWALT DCK491L2 combo kit is a 4 tool kit produced by Dewalt.

This kit includes 4 cordless tools – DCD985 hammer drill, DCF885 circular saw, DCS381 reciprocating saw and DCL040 LED work light.

With these tools, you can work on almost any home and even industrial building and renovation tasks.

With this kit you also get 2 20-volt max 3.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries, a universal 12-volt/20-volt max lithium-ion battery charger, a belt hook, one 360-degree side handle for drill and a contractor bag.

Dewalt DCK590L2

DEWALT DCK590L2You get five power tools with the DCK590L2 combo kit, including DCD985 hammer drill, DCF885 1/4-inch impact driver, DCS393 circular saw, DCS381 reciprocating saw, and even a DCL040 LED work light. Add usual accessories like 2 lithium-ion batteries, charger etc.

Dewalt DCS380 vs DCS381

I noticed that people are often searching for differences between Dewalt DCS380 vs DCS381 rreciprocating saws and I decided to look into it.

When I compared DCS381 vs DCS380 it was difficult to see any differences. The product descriptions on Amazon and Dewalt website are identical, so I had to dig deeper.

Here is what I found. According to user reviews, the DCS381 in fact feature shorter stroke and lacks 4 way blade holder. It is believed to be a cheaper version of DCS380 that is included in combo kits

Dewalt DCK655X

DEWALT DCK655XDEWALT DCK655X Combo Kit is a 6 piece tool set that includes DCD950 Cordless Hammer Drill, DC385 Reciprocating Saw, DC825 Impact Driver, DC411 Cut-Off Tool, and DW919 Floodlight.



Dewalt DCX6401

DEWALT DCX6401To call the Dewalt DCX6401 anything other than amazing would be a crime. Consisting of four different tools with added complements that make the main components function better, this is one power tool kit that all professionals and everyday users should possess.

All running at 36 volts, the tools, which are two saws, a combo of drill, driver and hammer, and a portable flashlight, are capable of performing smoothly without any hiccups whenever the need arises.

What’s more, these tools offer variety in their use as opposed to one-dimensional products, and can fill the roles of many household tools and even surpass them at specific works.