Dewalt DCK280C2 20-Volt Max Drill Combo Kit Reviews

By Jack | Updated: September 19, 2018

If you are looking for a quality combo kit which combines a 1/2-inch drill/driver and 1/4-inch impact driver, the DEWALT DCK280C2 combo tool kit is an answer.

DCK280C2 is a two tool combo kit manufactured by Dewalt.

It is ideal for those people who often need and use these two tools, like cabinet makers, plumbers, and contractors, to go through various applications.

So if you are in need of a drill and an impact wrench for whatever reason it may serve you, you should definitely check out the DCK280C2 set.

Dewalt DCK240C2 vs DCK280C2

Here is the comparison table where you can see the differences of Dewalt DCK280C2 and DCK240C2.

 Dewalt DCK240C2Dewalt DCK280C2
Drill/DriverDCD771 DCD780
Impact DriverDCF885 DCF885
Battery2x 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 1.3 Ah Battery Packs2x 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 1.5 Ah Battery Pack
Charger20V MAX* Charger20V MAX* Charger
AccessoriesContractor BagContractor Bag, bit tip holder, belt hooks

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As you can see in the comparison table above there are 3 differences between 240C2 and 280C2 kits:

  • DCK280C2 packs couple of extra accessories – belt hooks and bit tip holder
  • You can expect longer battery life from 1.5Ah batteries of 280C2 kit
  • The most important difference is the DCD780 drill/driver you get with the DCK280C2 – it is more powerful and faster, but at the same time lighter than DCD771 from the other kit.

Customer Reviews

After doing research, I found customers prefer DEWALT model DCK280C2 because of its lightweight and slim size. Together with the improved rubber clutch, you can hold or carry it around with ease while working on your projects.

Earlier, the tools came with a hard case, but now you can use the sturdy bag with a contoured handle. This makes it easy to carry the drills and accessories. Or, carry the drivers using belt hooks without the tools dragging you.

DEWALT DCK280C2 is a high torque impact driver who can give you the comfort of using less force to drive in a screw. You won’t get exhausted after working because of spending more energy to drive in a screw. As you continue working, you need minimal effort to shift from high to low power or to fit a chuck into the drill.

What if you need to use the tool in a tight space? The ergonomic size is convenient and allows you to work with ease. Furthermore, the drill lights up the working area. It has one LED while the impact driver has 3 LEDs.

I would buy the DCK280C2 toolkit due to ease of control, power, and its light weight. The wobble is minimal, and I can change the bits using one hand. The battery gives a good run time before you need to recharge. Recharging the battery takes a short time.

impact driver DCF885


Several users found it difficult to charge the battery. After recharging, the battery power remained low. This makes it difficult to use the drivers if the battery is low on energy. But, you can get an extra set of batteries to use as you recharge another to solve this issue.

Pros And Cons


The DCD780 drill lets the users choose from the two-speed options (0-600 rpm and 0-2000 rpm) to suit whatever speed the tasks require. The two-speed options are said to be 30% faster compared to the current drill in the market. Besides, its 320-watt high-efficiency motor brings superior performance in light and moderate drilling jobs.

On the other hand, the DCF885 driver has a bit gripping strength that reduces slippage, and in effect promotes longer tool life. It can load ¼ hex chuck that can hold up to 1 inch of bit tips for easy fastening in cramped spaces. Also, it has three LED light for visibility in dim and dark environments.

Both Dewalt 20V Max Combo Kits are very comfortable to use and small enough to use in small and tight spaces. It also has a longer run time. So this is a recommended tool if you ought to do extensive repair or construction jobs.


This combo toolkit may seem pricey compared to the other power toolkits available now in the market. However, if you are looking for long-term use of these tools and you want a quality one, the price tag may not be as important.

Also, for those people with a smaller frame and weaker arms, they may find Dewalt model # DCK280C2 a bit too heavy, but nonetheless, it can still be used by everyone.

drill model DCD780



If you are a little tight on the budget, you may then want to look for other power tool kits. But if you can shed a little more, it is best recommended to purchase the DCK 280C2 toolset.

The tools included have quality and is very comfortable to use. It fits snugly in one’s hand and very easy to operate. If you are planning to use these tools for a long time, this one can be worth the purchase.

Package Contents

  • DCD780 1/2-inch drill/driver
  • DCF885 1/4-inch impact driver
  • Two 20-volt max 1.5 Ah lithium-ion batteries
  • One 30-minute Energy Star-rated charger
  • One bit tip holder
  • Two belt hooks
  • One hard plastic storage
  • Carrying case

Compatible Accessories

People often buy these accessories together with the toolkit.

  • DCB201 1.5 Ah 20V Li-Ion Compact Battery
  • DCB200 3.0 Ah 20V Li-Ion Premium Battery
  • DW2169 Impact-Driver-Ready Accessory Set, 38-Piece
  • DW2180 35-Piece Impact Ready Drilling/Fastening Set


This is one of the most popular additions to the brand’s product line so some retailers can be out of stock.

If you want to get this combo kit cheaper, you can look for Certified Refurbished version model DCK280C2R on Amazon.

If you are considering buying this toolset, check the current price by clicking on this link.