Dewalt DCK294P2 Hammer Drill Reciprocating Saw Combo Review

By Jack | Updated: October 6, 2020

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Welcome the drill and saw combo – the DEWALT DCK294P2!

This toolkit includes a hammer drill and a reciprocating saw. These tools can aid in a different home or work repairs and construction.

As this set of tools carries a world-renowned brand under its belt, we can rest assured that these items are of the highest quality.

So if you are looking for another set of tools to add to your current one, or just needs something to help with basic repairs, you definitely may want to check out the DCK294P2 Dewalt 20v hammer drill reciprocating saw combo set.

The tools included in the DCK294P2 set are straightforward to use, that everyone, male, female, professionals, or amateurs, will not have a hard time getting things done, with pleasing results.

And off you go with all those hanging construction tasks.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Drill Combo Kit, Brushless, 5.0-Ah, 2-Tool (DCK294P2)Check Price

Components of DEWALT DCK294P2

The toolset consists of a DCD996 1/2-inch 20V Max XR Premium hammer drill, as well as DCS367 20V Max XR reciprocating saw. These two tools have proven their usefulness in the home or work repairs and constructions.


DEWALT DCD996 with battery

The Dewalt DCD996 1/2-inch hammer drill is very much helpful and useful for light and moderate drilling jobs. The efficient brushless motor provides 820 unit motor watt power which is more than enough to ensure superior performance for these kinds of applications.

With the Dewalt DCD996 drill, slippage is reduced as it has a ½ ratcheting chuck with carbide inserts that give the tool a bit-gripping strength.

The users can also adjust and choose there preferred speed for the drill as it has three patented all-metal transmission speed options of 0-450rpm, 0-1300rpm, and 0-2000 rpm. This gives the user control over the speed they deemed suitable to the task at hand.


  • Chuck – 1/2″ nitrocarburized metal ratcheting chuck, with carbide inserts
  • Clutch settings – 11
  • Speed settings – 3-speed transmission
    • 0-450rpm
    • 0-1300rpm
    • 0-2000 rpm
  • Max power, Watts – 820 UWO
  • Weight – 4.0 lbs (without the battery)
  • LED lights – 3-mode LED with a 20 delay feature


Dewalt DCS367 reciprocating saw

On the other hand, the DCS367 reciprocating saw offers features that will raise the versatility and efficiency of the job given.

It can perform flush cutting and definitely can reach tight and cramped spaces since DCS367 reciprocating saw has a four-position keyless blade clamp.

It can also cut in deep depth with strict cut control with its pivoting adjustable shoe. This is especially perfect for those who need to do cutting in various depths. Moreover, the DCS367 saw has a rubber over-mold grip to ensure the user’s comfort.

The DCK-294P2 set also features a built-in LED work light, which gives the visibility over and when working in dimly or darkly lit areas.


  • Clamp – 4-position keyless blade clamp
  • Speed settings – variable speed trigger, up to 2900 strokes per minute
  • Stroke length – 1-1/8in
  • Weight – 5.0 lbs (without the battery)
  • LED lights – yes

What Is In The Box

Upon purchase of the toolset, it also includes two 20-volt Max XR 5.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries, the one 30-minute Energy Star-rated charger, one 360-degree side handle for drill, a belt hook, and one storage and carrying bag.

  • DCD996 hammer drill
  • DCS367 reciprocating saw
  • 2 units of 20-volt max 5.0 Ah Max XR lithium-ion batteries DCB205
  • charger
  • 360-degree side handle
  • belt hook
  • contractor bag

Customer Reviews

From my fact-finding on the DEWALT DCK294P2 Kit, I found that it is not only loved but also highly recommended by the majority of its users. There are several reviews citing how the product of this black and yellow brand is an all-rounder and a great upgrade on the preceding kit.

The reviews of this product are full of people sharing their experiences using the tools while moving into a new apartment, starting a new job, and so on. Some of the reviewers were grateful enough to take their time and appreciate each and every tool one at a time.

Being able to do everything so easily with this toolkit, even for beginners, is what has really convinced many people to buy it. Many did not forget to mention that they were certain they have received what they have paid for, if not more.

Aside from loving this product and its versatility, the users mentioned how amazing they thought the drill worked and how wonderfully the saw has been improved compared to those of the first-gen. That being said, just a small tip for you: keep your tools clean and lubricated and they will function perfectly.

The items might be light and handy but are tremendously powerful. Especially the batteries, they last a good length of time even after heavy usage.

DEWALT has been sincerely appreciated by many of its users for this very kit. In particular, what makes it all the more interesting is that many professional plumbers and carpenters have given genuine positive reviews regarding this product.

A few small issues that some raised were that the kit doesn’t come with a matching drill with a laser guide and that the users are even ready to spend some more if a non-corded unit was available.

Why Should You Buy This Kit?

If you are looking to invest in the power tool set, you probably would want something of quality and would last for quite some time, then the DCK294P2 kit would be an excellent choice for you.

It carries the quality brand name and offers some more. It is effortless to use, that everyone in your house, male, female, amateur or professional, can use this for repair and construction.

The DCK294P2 also ensured that the tools included in this set are very much comfortable, even during long hours of use.

This will be a great addition to your current toolkits, and would also be an excellent kit for those who are just starting. This is definitely can be used at home and at work. Click here to check the DEWALT DCK294P2 price!.

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