Dewalt DCK240C2 20V Max Cordless Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit Review

By | February 13, 2021

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Finding the right equipment for a job is just as important as finding the right person to do the job. A lot of times, because of the wrong tools and machines, even skilled engineers or contractors can end up messing up their work.

If you are looking through the endless list of affordable cordless drills with 2 batteries and a charger, my Dewalt DCK240C2 review might provide you an answer.

Dewalt is a brand that creates tools that every engineer and contractor looks for. Dewalt products are widely loved for their features and are very popular in this profession.

The Dewalt DCK240C2 20V Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit with a 1.5Ah battery is one of the most affordable sets in Dewalt’s lineup.

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What is Dewalt DCK240C2 Combo Set?

When two of the most powerful devices team up, the Dewalt DCK240C2 combo set comes into view. The toolkit includes a bundle of a DCF885 impact driver and a DCD771 cordless drill. Consequently, you can get to enjoy the privileges all in all.

Both come in their signature yellow and black color that gives them a classic look.

Not just that, you will get a pack of two lithium-Ion batteries, a charger, and a contractor bag in the package. Although it’s a small one, you will get it in a much cheaper range than the total cost of the two devices if bought separately.

Now let’s talk about the two main devices.

Dewalt DCF885 20V Max Impact Driver

dewalt dcf885

Dewalt DCF885

You can hold DCF885B Impact Driver for hours since it weighs super light. Plus, I love its compact design which is perfect for fitting into tighter spaces. As a result, I can enjoy the increased productivity it gives.

Speaking of the light, there are three LEDs included with the device. So, you can work in darker ambient with ease.

DEWALT boasts about it handling several applications too that is indeed true. It can bear regular wear and tear.

Besides, DCF885 can give you maximum operation time thanks to its longer battery life and shorter charging time.

Its user-friendliness and ergonomics will impress you too.

Dewalt DCD771B 20V Max Compact Drill

As the name suggests, DCD771B is a drill that comes in a super compact size. You can expect it to fit into tighter areas just like the Impact driver. Plus, it weighs light enough to work with it for hours too.

The drill speaks all about strength and power. It has both to grip the bit tight.

It comes with a changeable transmission speed too. With this, you can enjoy maximum flexibility in different applications.

The LED lights are a brilliant addition too so you can do the drilling job in darker areas easily.

Dewalt DCK240C2 Features

One of the things every contractor looks for in tools is convenience. Because this Dewalt DCK240C2 comes in a set of two, it already makes the job easier.

This model is said to have an ergonomic design that showcases lightweight tools. On top of that, these also have built-in LED with a 20-second delay before trigger release.

The toolkit comes with a DCD771 Drill and Driver, a DCF885 ¼ inch Impact Driver that enables single handed loading, and a 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 1.3 Ah battery Packs, 20V MAX* charger, and last of all a kit bag so you can carry all of these with ease.

The drivers that come in this kit are all cordless. The DCF885 contains a ¼ inch hex chuck. The motor delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO).

You will also find included a belt hook which enables the workers to carry all the tools comfortably. This tool features high-speed transmission at two different speeds, 0-450 and 1500 rpm, for fastening and drilling.

Lightweight and Compact Design

DCF885 Impact Driver weighs around 2.8 pounds. So you will find it very light to hold for a prolonged period.

Its compact construction complements its weight while coming in 5.55 inches long measured from front to back. Plus, the design makes it flexible to carry too.

Moreover, the tool features a 1/4-inch hex throw that you can load one-handed. It can accept and hold 1-inch bit tips perfectly which means you can conveniently use it in tight areas.

Plus, you will get a belt hook coming attached to either side of the device. It is made of metal that I find both solid and high quality. I love its non-slip handle design too. It is slim and can fit into your hand smoothly.

As for DCD771B Compact Drill, it comes in 3.6 pounds making it a very lightweight tool to have. The tool measures 1/2 inch that defines its compact size so you can use it in tighter areas. To add more, the compact drill has a maximum of 12 mm capacity in metal and 30 mm in wood. So it is surely ideal for every DIY enthusiast.

The ratcheting chuck comes in 1/2 inches. Not only it’s heavy-duty but quick to release and change too. Moreover, it includes carbide inserts to let you enjoy its amazing bit of gripping power.

The compact drill features an ergonomic handle too that grips impressively to provide you with smooth control and comfort. So, you will not feel any arm-ache even if you drill for a longer period.

Powerful Motor

DCF885B Impact Driver comes with a solid motor that delivers up to 43% quicker than its rivals. Its speed ratings stand at 3200 Interior Permanent Magnet and 2800 Revolution Per Minute.

Although it boasts powerful performance, the noise of the motor can annoy you. Besides, the motor tends to be more perfect for medium-sized projects than of heavy ones. So, these can be two minor drawbacks for you.

However, the tool possesses 1,400 pounds of torque that is wonderful for short works regardless of the project.

The motor of DCD771B Drill delivers 2 transmissions of speed, 0 to 450 rpm and 0 to 1500 rpm. At 1500 rpm, the tool can transmit 300 watts of power which is quite high. Besides the speed, you can enjoy the power control too with its option of 16 clutch settings that you will find around the neck.

Built-In LED

Both the DCF885B Impact Driver and DCD771B Drill feature LED lights where the former has three rings. The bright LEDs ensure maximum visibility in a dark environment. Besides illuminating the job site, they stay switched on for 20 seconds once you release the trigger.

2 Li-Ion Batteries Included

The big plus of Dewalt DCK240C2 Combo Set is that the brand has included two Lithium-Ion batteries. One fascinating thing about the batteries is that you will get the freedom to roam around your job site. No cords which mean no hassles.

The batteries can give an operation time of around 4 to 5 hours on average. Although it may not be up to the mark, you will enjoy its trouble-free operation. As for the charger, it will take only an hour to fully recharge the batteries.

Contractor Bag

The tools come bundled in a spacious contractor bag. It is indeed made of high-quality canvas material proving its sturdiness. As for the size, the bag measures 12 inches by 8 inches by 6 inches so it’s big enough to fit everything.

However, the only drawback with the bag is that the material is not very ideal for housing tools like drill and impact driver. It would have been better if the brand had included a plastic case instead.

Box Contents

  • DCD771 Drill/Driver
  • DCF885 1/4 Inches Impact Driver
  • two 20V Max Lithium-Ion 1.3 Ah Battery Packs
  • 20 Volt Max Charger
  • Kit Bag


As I have already mentioned, both the tools come in their typical color combination of the brand: Yellow and Black. It looks classic and appealing.

Besides, the impact driver and drill have used solid and high-quality plastic material for the construction. Not only will they offer durability but heavy use too. Besides, both the tools feature sturdy rubberized handles that you can grip comfortably. They are nonslip and smooth to hold.

Since both feature LEDs, they have a trigger that you need to pull to make the lights work. Besides, the drill comes with an automatic spindle lock as well as a forward or reverse function.

One drawback is that the tools do not have low-battery indicators. So you may not know when the battery drains completely leaving you stuck in the middle of your project.

That said, the tools can impress you once you get them for your DIY projects. Not only they are useful for home repairing works but for carpentry works too. It can include curtain installing, cabinet assembling, as well as shelf fixing.

Plus, the impact driver and drill own all those easy features that can surely impress you.

User Feedback

When I got to know about the Dewalt DCK240C2, I immediately surfed the internet and went through the reviews of users. The first notion that pulled me towards the combo set is its positive reviews that were more than the negatives.

One user reviewed that both the impact driver and drill provided powerful and quick performance. It became easy for them to do different mid-level projects with ease.

I saw somebody highlighting its quick charging feature too. As I said, its one-hour charging time is enough to operate it for 4 to 5 hours.

Another reviewer stated that the cheaper price range of the package was what mainly drew their attention. They got to enjoy using both the drill and impact driver for their durability and ability to bear the heavy use.

A user complimented about the lightness of the tools mentioning that they could hold both drill and impact driver for prolonged period.

Pros And Cons


Because these tools are so lightweight, they are great for traveling. Because every worker needs to move, heavy instruments can be tough on them, not to mention how it can also end up in accidents. Being light the Dewalt DCK240C2 is a great option. The increased visibility is an excellent addition to it helps the worker to see clearly, especially in nooks and corners.

The powerful motor is only a great addition to the already great features. The 300 unit watts out is enough to complete an extensive range of work without losing power.

The impact driver of this set is very compact. At 5.55 inches, this tool is excellent for small spaces. At only half an inch, the single sleeve ratcheting chuck allows for a good grip while the handle is comfortable and easy to control.

Another great feature of this product is that both drills in this Dewalt 20V Combo set are compatible with every regular Dewalt 20Volt MAX battery, charger, or accessory.


One of the only mentionable cons of this product is that it takes a while to charge, which is about an hour.

Other than that there a few negative reviews on online seller sites at the time this article was written.

User Reviews

While some of the users were overwhelmed with their purchases, a few were quite unhappy.

One of the happy owners, a person who purchased the set for his automotive store, said the batteries were convenient for him, and that the power was enough to get his job done.

He also added how it is portable and that he has been using it a lot since the purchase, sometimes on cars, and at other times in his office. This person was delighted with the brand and the acquisition as a whole.

I have also noticed a user mentioning  the “Great power tool tandem.” This person too is happy with the charging cycle and says it lasts for a long time, even months at that.

A negative opinions state that the batteries burned through quickly while driving 50 screws through cement. There are some users who are not pleased with the charging cycled and said it needed improvement.


Dewalt DCK240C2 Combo Set has everything you usually look for in a tool package. The brand has done all the enthusiasts a big favor by including two of the most durable and functioning tools needed for a project.

If you want a 20 Volt impact driver and drill kit in an affordable price range, the DCK240C2 Combo Set is perfect for you. Because, if you had bought the two separately, it would have cost more.

Now, hopefully, this review will help you make the right decision. And I hope the package manages to impress you with its features and benefits like it did me.

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