Milwaukee 2691-22 M18 18-Volt Cordless Drill Combo Kit Review

By Jack | Updated: September 22, 2018

For all of the people who would rather have things fixed on their own, compared to contacting a handyman for help, it is essential to have the right tools at home, such as the Milwaukee 2691-22.

This is one essential that will prove to be helpful when the time comes when some repairs need to be accomplished.

Among others, one of the good things about this product is that it can last longer, after a single charge.

Additionally, even if you left the batteries charging, you can e assured that they will not be damaged, unlike in the case of others, which gives you more reasons to believe the durability of this product.

If you are looking for a drilling tool that will offer you a lot of benefits and help, there is no more need to spend a considerable fraction of your time and effort and searching.Milwaukee 2691-22 M18 18-Volt Cordless Drill Combo Kit


The compact drill driver has variable speeds to suit your task. You can choose between high-speed 1-1 800 RPM and low speed 0-450 RPM. This M18 driver has 4 clutch settings and 100% much better grip for improved bit retention.

On the other hand, the M18 impact driver features a lithium-ion battery pack for a longer run time.

What makes these Milwaukee batteries better than other is that it has a gauge for you to know how much battery you have left. You will find that the charge indicator is handy especially since lithium-ion batteries go dead directly when it runs out of charge.

This combo kit is a combination of heavy-duty performance and durability. When you need powerful tools for your drilling and driving, Milwaukee is the manufacturer that you can trust.


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Milwaukee 2691-22 vs Makita CT322W

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Milwaukee 2691-22 vs 2697-22 vs Dewalt DCK280C2 vs DCK240C2

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Customer Reviews

Your drilling and driving tasks will be made more comfortable if you have this combo kit from Milwaukee. The compact drill and impact driver would surely be a big help to you.

Whether you are preparing for the winter season and doing some home improvement work or you are a professional who needs a power tool, then this is the brand that you can trust.

The brand has been compared to Makita in terms of durability and power, but Milwaukee outperforms the former in some ways.

If you have been a Makita user, I’m pretty sure you are also looking for a new power tool with the same driving prowess, and Milwaukee will not let you down.

Each tool is outfitted with a powerful motor. The compact drill driver is able to deliver 400 in/lbs of torque while the impact driver has an output of 1 400 in/lbs.

This Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit featues very high quality and impressively robust tools. As per my knowledge, people who use this usually have a lot of good things to say about it, especially regarding the fast settings. This drives screws real fast and does not require pre-drilling even for hard surfaces.

The overall finish of it and the feel is well loved by the customers. While some people have used these on pure oak, others have used them to build fences for their horses. In all cases, they were profoundly satisfied with the performance. According to my research, instead of getting a few separately, you should opt for the set instead as it has all the materials you would eventually require to function.

This is an excellent upgrade from corded tools and is very long lasting as well. Although the batteries are small, they perform no less and have a really fast charging time. In fact, the battery life is considered one of the major features of the product. This set is an investment that you should go forward with rather than purchasing cheaper models that would need replacing every few years.

Pros and Cons

The set comes with metal clips that help it to clip onto aprons, pockets or belts to allow you to work with your hands free. The power of the tools is also very high which makes it easy to drill into tough, hard surfaces without hassle.

Another great pro of this product is that you can get a lot of use out of it without tiring it down or lessening its performance. The extensive battery life also adds to this. The torque is also fantastic and gets the job done when lots of nuts and bolts are involved.

A con is that some users have subjectively felt that the drill does not perform as well as some other Milwaukee drill machines. However, different models are used for various purposes, so a certain level of difference is normal.


This brand and model is already one of the best available options in the market, making it a wise decision to have it considered as the model to purchase.

If you need a heavy duty drill/driver kit, this Milwaukee 2691 22 18-Volt Compact Drill  Combo Kit should be the one that you should consider.

This is one of those pieces of equipment that professionals use. It is backed by a 5-year warranty and excellent customer service. Therefore, if you are looking for an efficient drill/driver package, a Milwaukee is the right one for you.