Can You Plug a Cell Phone Into a Generator?

By | November 16, 2022

Power outage is not very common nowadays thanks to the advancement in technology. Even if there is a power outage, people often try to enjoy those rare moments of tranquility.

If you experience a city-wide power outage, that would be a great time to indulge in some stargazing. It is nearly impossible to see the stars unless you are in a remote place with very few lights.

But if the power outage drags on for a few hours, things might feel less like an adventure and more like a hassle. When the battery of your iPhone starts to go down, you would desperately need the power to come back on.

Is the power outlet the only way you can charge your phone? If you have a portable generator at hand, can it be used to charge your phone battery? Let us find out.

Can you Plug a Cell Phone into a Portable Generator?

Yes, but there are many different sizes of generators available. If you have a generator, you might consider using it to charge your phone. It’s important to remember that a generator is perfectly safe to use on high-powered electronics like a microwave or refrigerator.

But the same cannot be said for a small appliance such as a phone. Not just a phone it is risky to use generators to power appliances such as a television, computer, radio, and so on.

These electronics are pretty sensitive, and there is a high chance of damage. The battery can get severely damaged if you plug your phone charger into a generator.

Is it Safe to Charge a Cell Phone from a Portable Generator?

Portable generators often have power surges and fluctuations in voltage. Because of the unstable electricity provided by a generator, it is risky to plug in sensitive electronics.

Keep in mind that connecting the phone charger through a generator can fry the battery. It is essential to regulate the power of a generator when it is used on a sensitive device like a phone.


Can you Plug your Phone Directly in to a Generator?

If you don’t want the phone battery to suffer from any damage, then avoid plugging the phone directly into a generator. Inverters generators are safer to use on phones than non-inverter ones.

If you have an inverter generator, connect your device to the generator’s outlet. Another way you can charge the phone is by connecting the generator to the inlet box of your place.

Then you can connect the phone charger or your power bank to the wall socket like you would if there was electricity.

Are there any Safety Precautions for Charging the Phone from a Generator?

Yes, there are regulators in the generators and devices (phone chargers, cell phones, speakers, power banks, and more) to prevent immediate damage due to electrical issues.

But the regulators in those sensitive devices protect them from surges or fluctuations in power by a limited amount. Before plugging in your phone, it is best to take some safety precautions to minimize fluctuation in power.

An inverter or standby generator is the best course of action to charge phones from generators. But even then, it is essential to note the possibility of power surges. Even the most minor influx can damage your phone battery beyond repair.

In this case, a surge protector can come handy to ensure steady and clean power production. Put a surge protector in place to avoid power surges.

How Long does it Take to Charge a Phone with a Generator?

The charging time for a phone when you are using a generator depends on the power the generator produces. When the power output from the generator matches the line voltage in your house, your phone can charge at a normal speed.

Inverter generators produce 120 volts at 60Hz. Since there are more stages in producing electricity with an inverter generator, the electricity it produces is steadier than a basic generator.

Because of that, the power you get from an inverter generator is called clean power. If the generator’s power output does not match your house’s line voltage, then the phone charging time would also differ.



The next time you have a power outage, and wonder if you can use the portable generator, you can as long as you follow some safety measures. Use an inverter to prevent electricity fluctuations, no matter how small.

Once you can ensure that the power generated by your portable generator is regulated correctly, you can charge your phone or power banks without any hitch.