Milwaukee 2694-24 M18 18-Volt 4-Tool Cordless Combo Kit Reviews

By | October 3, 2020

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Looking for reliable and durable power tools will surely be a piece of cake if you just know where specifically you should be looking, especially if you are aware of the brands that are the best in the market.

In this case, if you are looking for such a product, one brand that can be taken into account is Milwaukee, and you might want to consider purchasing the Milwaukee 2694-24 set of tools.

If you are building something from scratch, or if there are repairs that should be done at home, make sure that you are prepared. And the best thing to be ready is to own the 4 pieces of power tools, as they will make the handyman job more manageable for anyone.

The battery life and power of this set has been the subject of many praises from people who have already used such, including professional handymen.

It is, without a doubt, that this can prove to be a big help for every job a man must be prepared to accomplish.

Milwaukee GIDDS2-288995 M18 18-Volt 4-Tool Cordless Combo KitMilwaukee GIDDS2-288995 M18 18-Volt 4-Tool Cordless Combo KitCheck Price

Milwaukee 2694-24 Tool Features

When you are a professional, you also look for the best tools to use in your workplace.

With 4 different tools that you can use, this is a very convenient set of cordless kit for your workplace. The combo kit includes a work light, hammer drill, reciprocating saw and a circular saw and is somewhat similar to Makita XT505.

Common Features

All pieces have these features in common:

  • M18 battery system
  • 18V voltage
  • 5 year limited warranty

2602-22 Drill/Driver

Out of the box, you will find that the 2602-22 hammer drill/driver is a nice compact piece of equipment, but once you use it, you will find out that it is powerful.

Even when you use it on concrete, it drills through without any problem at all. The light that is integrated into the tool allows you to work even when you are in tight spaces, and you might just become dependent on it after you begin using the tool.


  • 4 pole frameless motor
  • 2 speeds – 0-400 / 0-1800 RPM
  • peak torque 500 in-lbs
  • all-metal gear case and 1/2″ metal single sleeve ratcheting lock
  • Weight 3 lbs

2620-20 Saw

2620-20 is a cordless reciprocating saw that performs well just like all other tools from this brand do.

The 1-inch stroke length is enough to cut through a variety of materials with its maximum speed of 3200 rpm. What makes this reciprocating saw a cut above the rest is the easy changing blades and fuel gauge.

With the unique Quik-Loc blade clamp, you’ll have no problem with hex keys anymore, and you’ll see how much runtime you still have.


  • Speed 0-3200 SPM
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Quik-Loc blade clamp

2630-20 Saw

When you want a powerful circular saw, then Milwaukee 2360-20 is the one for you. Giving out 3500 rpm at maximum speed, you can rip through just about anything, from plywood to soffits, without stalling.

Don’t worry about stopping the rotation of the saw because there is an electronic brake that quickly stops it. As for comfort, the light equipment is coupled with an ergonomic handle.


  • Speed 0-3500 RPM
  • Blade diameter 6 1/2 inches
  • Aircraft Aluminum shoe and Magnesium blade guard
  • Arbor Size 5/8″

Work Light

If you work at night or in tight spaces, you might find this compact cordless work light very handy.

The Xenon incandescent bulb is sure to give you enough light so that you can work freely and comfortably. Direct illumination where it is needed with the ability of the lamp’s head to rotate at up to 135 degrees.


  • LED bulb
  • 160 lumens
  • 135 degrees head rotation

Included Accessories

  • The M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC Extended Capacity Battery compatible with 40+  Milwaukee cordless power tools with 3.0 Amp-hours capacity
  • The M18™ & M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger compatible with all M18™ and M12™ batteries. It charges the compact batteries in 30 min and bundled extended capacity XC batteries in 60 min.
  • Contractor bag

Customer Reviews

During my time researching this product, I found that many users love the Milwaukee 2694-24 Tool Kit for both small and big projects. Many users find the toolkit to be extremely reliable and easy to use. All components use lithium-ion batteries which frees you from the hassle of extension cords.

While researching this product I found that the hammer drill has a great feel to it, not too heavy and not too light, even with the battery in. It provides more torque with much less effort. The light on the drill is a nice touch and comes in very handy in certain situations. Definitely, a must-have tool for keeping things tight at home.

Many customers prefer the sawzall for cutting smaller pieces of wood and cutting inner parts of bigger logs. The sawzall has an excellent grip effortless to use even with gloves on. It weighs 6,5 lbs, so it’s quite light. Plenty of power and easy to replace blades.

Users definitely love the circulatory saw. The saw is light due to the magnesium upper and lower guard, durable and very safe with low kickback. The saw has no problem cutting through miratec, plywood and almost anything that you need cutting though. It’s effortless to use, and the blade on the saw has excellent durability. Like the other tools, plenty of power and does an excellent job.

The flashlight has a 135 rotation angle, and it has a little hook that you can attach to your tool belt or a raft which is quite handy.

I found that the lithium-ion batteries solve a lot of problems. They deliver great power after years of usage. The batteries also have excellent durability after a weekend’s work and you can charge them fast. The batteries also include an indicator that is a great asset.


The Milwaukee 2694 kit is a set of high-performance tools that are equipped with the best in cordless technology. So, if you want a timesaving set of industrial-strength tools, I’m sure a Milwaukee set is the right one for you.

So these are the tools that you will get when you purchase this combo kit made by Milwaukee.