DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit Review

By Jack | Updated: June 26, 2018

The DEWALT DCK655X can be tagged as an almost complete tool set. Manufactured by Dewalt, the world-renowned manufacturer of power tools, the DCK655X kit includes six tools and few accessories, including a hammer drill, circular saw, impact driver, cut-off tool, floodlight, and reciprocating saw.

With these tools present, you are set to do and finish all basic repairs and constructions in no time. This is definitely a great addition to your current tool set, and most definitely, this is beyond great as a start up kit for those who are just starting.

DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo KitSo if you are looking for something that will definitely give you added versatility and productivity in a repair or construction jobs, the DEWALT DCK655X is definitely worth checking out.

Components of DEWALT DCK655X

The DCK655X is a six tool combo kit that covers almost all of the basic tools for repairs and constructions.

It has DCD950 XRP 18-Volt Cordless Hammer Drill, DC385 Reciprocating Saw, DC825 Impact Driver, DC411 Cut-Off Tool, and DW919 Floodlight.


DEWALT DCD950BThe DCD950 Cordless Hammer Drill is very dependable in drilling and fastening in a large range of materials as it comes with 450 watts motor.

Also, the DCD950 Hammer Drill lets the users have the freedom to choose the speed most fitted to the job at hand, with its three patented, all-metal transmission speed options.

These speed options match the drill performance for added efficiency and improved run time, which in turn contributes to the reduced wear and tear of the drill.

The Hammer Drill has ½ inch chuck that provides bit gripping strength to reduce slippage.

It also has a built-in LED light to provide added visibility, especially when working in dimly or darkly lit areas.


DEWALT DC390 Circular SawThe DEWALT DC390 Circular Saw promises to perform fast rip and cross cuts as it can deliver speed up to 3700 rpm.

It is a great solution for those hard cutting applications as it has 0-50degree bevel capacity.

The DC390 XRP 18-Volt Saw can simply cut through two-by-fours at 45 degree angle in one pass as its saw has 6 ½ inch carbide-tipped blade.


DC385 Reciprocating SawThe DC385 Reciprocating Saw enables users to do flush cutting since it has four position blade clamps.

It has a speed range of 0-3000 rpm as well. The DC385 XRP 18-Volt Reciprocating Saw provides 1 1/8 inches of stroke length.

With all these features, the DC385 XRP Reciprocating Saw is very swift and versatile in performing different cutting applications.


dewalt DC825 Impact DriverThe DC825 Impact Driver can deliver results with very minimal effort as it can do 0-2700 impacts in one minute.

In addition, you can select the speed from 0-2400 with its variable-speed trigger.



dewalt DC411 Cut-Off ToolThe DC411 Cut-Off Tool can perform cutting and grinding jobs easily as it can deliver up to 6500 rpm.

It offers clear-cut alignment for faultless transmission with its perfect gear case and design. This enables the DC411 18-Volt Cut-Off Tool to work in tight and cramped spaces.

In addition, this cut off tool is easy and very comfortable to use as it has a well-located trigger switch and detachable two position side handle.


DEWALT DW919 18-Volt Flexible FloodlightThe DW919 Floodlight is very useful to lighten up any dimly or darkly lit areas.

It can give visibility to the whole work area as it has a flexible neck that can be tight around anything.


DEWALT DCK655 Kit: What’s Else Is In The Box?

Aside from the six tools included in DEWALT DCK655X power tool kit, it also includes one-hour Ni-Cad charger, two 18-volt XRP Ni-Cad batteries, 360-degree side handle, 6-1/2-inch carbide-tipped circular saw blade, Type 1 and Type 27 guards, wrench, backing flange, Type 1 wheel, two-position side handle, and contractor bag.