DEWALT DW788 Review – 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw Reviews

By | August 11, 2021

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The impeccable edge and smooth finishing on your fret will always depend on the quality of the tools you use. There are a couple of necessities that a scroll saw should possess to serve the purposes as a cutting tool, and they are – easy assembling, fine cutting proficiency, low vibration technology with parallel link arm, and movable dust blower.

Dewalt DW788 saw comes with all these features to excel in wood designing. In addition, it comes with variable speed control and three years of solid warranty for the product.

This is my quick DEWALT DW788 Review.

Dewalt DW788 is a dependable 20-inch variable speed scroll saw that will help you create accurate workpieces that have attention to detail.

The saw allows incredible precision because of its double parallel-link arm which is designed to reduce vibration and eliminate noise.

Smoother operation is made possible by Dewalt’s designed armed pivot which shortens the distance that the arm needs to move about. CURRENT PRICE


The Dewalt DW788 saw provides an innovative design and technological features for your professional to semiprofessional woodworks. If you are, a person who loves doing woodcraft at home or workshop this will be a wise choice for its portable maneuver and precise cuts. You just have to be aware that it comes at a price.

Therefore, signing up for durable construction and sturdy gear allows you incredible cutting precision with this scroll saw.

What is Dewalt DW788?

The convenience of Dewalt 20 inch Scroll Saw provides flawless frets and tool-free blade injection with its easy-adjustment design. It delivers great cutting accuracy and detailed works with its smooth operation.

Whether you are doing woodcraft as a hobby or professional projects the heavy-duty Dewalt saw is an important power tool to complete your task. Usually, scroll saws are more preferable to jigsaws because of their excellent cutting accuracy and safe cuts.

It works nicely on plywood, cardboard, and other stubborn woods within its thickness capacity. The saw enables incredible bevel cuts with its cast-iron table support allowing 45-degrees rotation.

DW788 is a preferable brand for its portable design and cutting efficiency. Dewalt saws are one of the most trusted tools for beginners to professionals and provide superior speed with its adjustable speed-control for ensuring cutting precision.

The controls and design of this saw are very convenient and user-friendly in terms of smooth and quiet operating. Moreover, its flexible dust blower assists you in keeping your cutting area tidy.

Dewalt DW788 Features

Let’s go through the features and benefits that Dewalt DW788 offers.

Variable Speed

The dependable motor of the Dewalt DW788 saw ensures powerful strokes to deliver in-depth cuts up to 2 inches to reach your desired work on heavy-duty projects. The variable speed of the blade is controllable with a speed control knob.

The speedy performance of the saw allows maximum accuracy and detailed pieces of works on the woods. This makes your woodwork more versatile and cuts more meticulous. When the saw works at high speed, the material-hold-on supports the blade with bevel control to stay in a position that pinpoints the cuts on the surface.

Moreover, Dewalt provides superior cutting proficiency with its dynamic motor-speed with the saw blade.

2-inch Cut Depth

The powerful motor work provides great strokes on the surface of woods or plywoods to ensure the highest cuts of up to 2 inches of depth. This scroll saw cuts through several hard materials to go deeper through its blade-strokes and enables you to make frets on them.

We have tested the saw on almost all kinds of wood materials and thicknesses within its highest limit. This assists you to reach the desired depth while cutting through the stubborn materials. Using the right blades will allow you to cut through the thicker materials and enjoy your work on the go.

Low Vibration

Dewalt DW788 comes with reliable arm pivots that keep the blade perpendicular to the surface and reduces the distance that the arm. This parallel arm link allows smooth and quieter saw operation on your cutting materials.

It lessens the quivering to save you from the annoyance of vibration while creating your puzzles or designs. In addition, the arm function of the saw reduces the chances of over-cutting or undercutting with its steady support on the blades.

Easily Accessible Controls

The Dewalt scrolls have an astounding reputation for ensuring easily accessible controls and convenient using experience to give you one of the premium saws on the market.

Tighten the little knobs on the top and the bottom to insert the saw blade to set it in the groove. The on-off switch on the top handle gives you easy access to start and stop the sawing.

On the left of this switch, there is a variable speed control to monitor your blade speed. You can easily increase and decrease the speed to control your cutting precision. The adjustable hook over the blade allows you to control the tension on the blade from level one to five.

With an adjustable foot, the blade of your saw stays in a firm position and avoids bouncing during saw-work. The most convenient control of the saw is its movable dust blower to keep the area clean for cutting precision.

Tool-free Blade clamps

The safe and easy ejection feature of the Dewalt DW788 saw is its tool-free blade clamping system. That allows changing the blade easily and saves your hand from unwanted injury from the teeth of the blade.

With two easily adjustable wingnuts one above and one below the table, you can securely place the blade on the position, and clamp it with the top and bottom clamps.

Arm Lifts

Dewalt designed this unique design of arm for ensuring cutting accuracy on your surface material. The parallel link arm of the saw prevents excessive vibration and reduces it to an endurable level.

This allows excellent precision on and blade work. The shorter gap of the parallel arm makes the saw movement easy and faster. You can easily cut through the materials with in-depth inside cuts and craft them as your desired pieces.

The front pushing arm system reduces over or undercutting to keep your work flawless. The arm lifts give you advantages on the speed-incision and allow more frequent cuts.

Oversized Cast-iron Table

The oversized iron-cast table gives support to the cutting materials and assists the sawing with the buttons and clamps to set the blades. This large table provides sturdy construction and, solid weight to prevent excessive vibrations.

This helps you to saw through the materials with ease and less agitation.  The table provides great support while cutting the materials and bevels the table to 45 degrees on both right and left for maximum performance benefit.

Optional Accessories

Now, let’s explore the optional accessories that Dewalt DW7880 comes with.

Dewalt DW7880 Scroll Saw Stand

The Dewalt DW7880 Scroll Saw Stand comes in a sturdy but lightweight built that allows you to put your scroll saw on it for steady support to saw the materials. If you assemble the parts of the stands tightly it will give optimum support for holding up your Dewalt scroll saw with an adjustable height.

Dewalt DW7881 Scroll Saw Work Light

The Dewalt DW7881 scroll saw work light comes with a 25-watt mini flood lamp that creates a great amount of light and heat. It is wise not to touch the bulb with bare hands as it gets excessively heated with time.

You can easily place this work light beside your Dewalt saw and its flexible neck will allow easy positioning over required areas for maximum visibility on the cutting area.


The Dewalt DW788 20 inches variable-speed scroll saw comes in a traditional and user-friendly design to ensure maximum cutting perfection. It usually comes in yellow color and provides 20 inches body height.

Dewalt provides great technological benefits with its easy operating control and tool-free blade clamp for ensuring user safety. The double parallel arm links of the saw reduce excessive vibration and operate it quietly. This allows you smoothly cut and maximum accuracy on your work.

The arm lifting is designed for making the user experience convenient and assisting to slip the material under the blade. It has a flexible and movable dust blower that clears the debris on the material and provides you a visible cutting line for cutting precision.

Easy adjustments of the front upper arm support the blade while cutting. The oversized cast-iron table provides maximum support to the materials and enables you to rotate the bevels to 45 degrees left and right.


The Dewalt scroll saw provides some convenient and easy-to-use controls to monitor the saw work at home and workshop. These controls are:

A power switch for controlling the saw allows you to on and off the saw. You can move the flexible dust blower to clear the debris out of the cutting line.

There is a button beside the power switch to control the electronic variable speed and provide you maximum strokes for cutting materials.

On the front upper arm, a lever controls the tension over the blades to keep the cuts precise and sizes accurately.

The blade is clamped tightly with two wingnuts on the top and below the table to control the blade and do the sawing. You can change the blade clamps securely with its tool-free technology in a jiffy.

The arm lifts on the saw can push the material through the blades to provide accurate cuts on woods.  An oversized and cast-iron table provides incredible backing to the materials and bevels 45 degrees on both left and right sides for cutting precision.

Pros and Cons

In this section, let’s discuss the pros and cons of Dewalt DW788.


  • User-friendly design for cutting efficiency
  • Tool-free blade setting with the safe changing option
  • Minimizes vibration with the double parallel linked-arm
  • Flexible dust blower for clear-cutting line
  • Up to 45-degree bevels and oversized table support for precise cuts


  • No front to back adjustment for cutting ease
  • The cuts are less straight than usual jigsaw cuts

Delta 40-695 vs Delta 40-690 vs Dewalt DW788

Coming soon!

Customer Reviews

There is a lot to be said about the Dewalt DW788, almost of all which are about its excellent quality and exceptional class as a saw machine.

Professional wood cutters and carpenters have loved its user friendliness and overall durability. Even though sawing wood can get very loud, the Dewalt DW788 has noise control that makes it perform quieter than other similar models. The blades can be changed easily, it is in an affordable price range, and it provides great comfort for woodcutters everywhere.

While using this DW788, a lot of the users went through many great features and convenient control systems designed in this saw. This heavy-duty saw has great durability and sturdy construction to survive through many years. According to a lot of users, it has given them precise cuts for many crucial constructions with almost all kinds of woods.

It works very well with a lot of wooden tables and allows users to amplify its service with its variable speed control. A lot of the crafters had a good impression of its variable speed control and low vibration technology. It gives a good grip on the hand minimizing the tremor and allows optimum cutting precision.

You can purchase the Dewalt table stand if you do not feel comfortable doing the works on your table. However, a lot of the wooden tables work just fine with this scroll saw and allow the users to draw smooth scrolling on materials.

The best feature of this saw that some of the users found is its flexible dust blower that gulps a huge amount of dust and debris in placed locations and clears the cutting line for your cuts. If you are a beginner or even a professional, this Dewalt scroll saw will work just fine for your novice to heavy-duty saw works with an excellent cutting efficiency.

However, its accuracy in precise measurements is questionable and has been an issue with several customers.



Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the maximum thickness for cutting the hardwood with Dewalt DW788 Saw?

Usually, the Dewalt scroll can cut through 2 inches of woods but it will give better performance for 1 inch in case of cutting hardwoods.

Does this scroll saw come with a stand?

No, the Dewalt saw does not provide any stand in its packaging. However, you can customize your order and buy it separately from online and offline shops.


The overall quality and construction of the Dewalt DW788 saw are commendable for its convenient and user-friendly features. Many years of heavy usage with this scroll saw have left a good impression on me for its great cutting precision and handy design to meet my desired cutting power and doing frets on hard materials.

You will get a robust action with its variable-speed blade-strokes and achieve detailed pieces of cuts on the surface of your materials. I hope that this review on Dewalt DW788 would help you choose your ideal scroll saw and make your cutting more passionate with its tremendous cutting precision.

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