DEWALT DW788 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw Reviews

By Jack | Updated: August 30, 2018

Dewalt DW788 is a dependable 20-inch variable speed scroll saw that will help you create accurate work pieces that have attention to detail.

The saw allows incredible precision because of its double parallel-link arm which is designed to reduce vibration and eliminate noise.

Smoother operation is made possible by Dewalt’s designed armed pivot which shortens the distance that the arm needs to move about.DEWALT scroll saw DW788


Easy Handling

Dewalt DW788 is easy to handle and use as its on and off switch, speed control, dust blower and blade-tensioning lever are all located within reach of the upper arm.

Quick adjustments are made possible by the variable-speed control while your work surface is clear of debris thanks to the convenient location of the dust blower.


It is important for professionals that they can change blades on their scroll saw as fast and wasy as possible.

Dewalt 788 saw has an exclusive tool-free blade clamps allow users to change blades quickly depending on the type of cut you would like to make.

Over or under cutting is greatly reduced as well because of the arm’s unique design that keeps the blade perpendicular to the work.

In term of its ease of set up, Dewalt is simple and quick to assemble. You simply have to put it on a table and you are ready to start working.

This Dewalt saw is ideal to use for both non-professional that have light to moderate work and professionals that use it for heavy duty work for many hours a day.


The machine’s power is provided by it 1.3 amp motor and this enables the scroll saw to make 400 to 1,750 strokes per minute.

Dewalt is easy to move around as it weighs only 56 pounds despite its heavy-duty ability. The package comes with an over-sized, cast iron table that gives strong support no matter what it is you are working on.

The table provides users with versatility as it bevels 45 degrees both to the left and to the right.

Delta 40-695 vs Delta 40-690 vs Dewalt DW788

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Customer Reviews

There is a lot to be said about the Dewalt DW788, almost of all which are about its excellent quality and exceptional class as a saw machine.

Professional wood cutters and carpenters have loved its user friendliness and overall durability. Even though sawing wood can get very loud, the Dewalt DW788 has noise control that makes it perform quieter than other similar models. The blades can be changed easily, it is in an affordable price range, and it provides great comfort for woodcutters everywhere.

However, its accuracy in precise measurements is questionable, and has been an issue with several customers.