Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw Review

By Jack | Updated: October 2, 2018

It is difficult to come by a portable and really durable piece of equipment for your sawing projects.

Now, the Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand provides you with an easy answer.

It is made with patented technology for you to create your projects easier and more precise.

The Bosch Model 4100 is a table saw that can handle even rough terrain due to its durable wheels and sturdy construction.

It gives you an even surface to do work and come up with consistent products. It has handles for increased portability and made from quality materials to withstand rugged use.Bosch 4100 saw


High Precision Cutting

The 15 Amp table saw measures 10 inches and puts out 4 HP and 3 650 RPM. This produces extremely clean cuts. It can make bevel cuts (between -2 and 47 degrees) and dado cuts (up to 13/16 inch).

You can finish your projects easily with this powerful saw. When you have compatible blades for 5/8 inch arbor size, you can use them with the model 4100 saw.

There is a Squarelock Rip Fence that glides across the table for smooth operation even with just one hand. This helps you make sure that you get precise and accurate cuts.

It locks in place, so you get maximum trueness with every cut.

Included Gravity-Rise Stand

Bosch came up with this award-winning technology and used it with this worksite table for easy management of the tool. With the Gravity-Rise stand, you can quickly put up the worksite table without wasting too much time trying to put the nuts together.

And just as easily, you can take it down in a snap. It collapses down so you can minimize the storage space it will consume.

Long-life Tool with Smart Guard System

Bosch 4100 saw has a Sub-base to handle the abuse of the worktable on your worksite. With the 8-inch pneumatic wheels, you can transport this table from one job site to another. The wheels are treaded so that it is effortless to maneuver even in rugged terrain. It is finished with a powder coating to make it last longer.

Bosch 4100 table is made from high-grade aluminum for maximum durability. The worktable measures 29 x 21.5 inches. You can cut large stocks with this table.

To keep you from getting in contact with the blade, it has a 3-piece Smart Guard system. It has a riving knife along with blade guard and anti-kickback pawls. You can easily look at how precise the cut is without endangering yourself.


Coming soon!


I will compare the Bosch 4100 vs Dewalt DWE7491RS vs Bosch GTS1031 vs Makita 2705.

Customer Reviews

Table saws have carved a niche for themselves in being helpful tools for carpenters and professional woodcraft designers.

That ‘helpful’ factor is increased even more so by having a table stand added alongside, and that is precisely what the 4100 saw from Bosch has literally brought to the table. The inclusion of the gravity rise stand has solidified this model as a top customer favorite; made even better with accurate measurements when cutting wood into different shapes and sizes.

The method of using a table saw might seem dangerous at first, but the Bosch 4100 has made it safe to the point of where even beginners can work with it at full capacity.

A few customers have stated that after its purchase, they found the set-up to be quite tricky, and found a few linings in the machine to not have been put up accordingly. Even though this does discourage new users, this saw still remains to be a top-notch product.