Dewalt DCS334B Jigsaw Review | Dewalt DCS334B vs DCS331 vs DC335B Cordless Jig Saws

By | April 5, 2023
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Dewalt introduces another product worthy of your money that provides excellent stability, offers accurate cuts and curves, and gives comfort and accessibility to the user.

That great product is no other than Dewalt DCS334B 20 Volt Cordless Jigsaw, a certified must-have.

Dewalt DCS334B offers you cordless convenience, yet power and performance are still achieved. The keyless blade clamp is excellent, giving quick and easy access to blade changes.

Phenomenal in all respects, this cordless jigsaw cuts the tightest curves, cuts circles perfectly perpendicular, cuts really strong.

Nice and compact, the dust blower equipped jigsaw is better than the average power tool. The blade holder is reliable and stable, never has a blade falling out.


Dewalt DCS334 20V Cordless Jig Saw is available as:

  • DCS334B Jigsaw Bare tool without battery as shown above
  • DCS334P1 Jigsaw Kit (including 5AH battery, charger, and case)

Everything I say in this review applies to both models, but I will more often refer to the tool as to Dewalt DCS334B because it is the more popular and sought-after variation.

And then there is the Dewalt DCS335B. This jigsaw is based on DCS334 but features barrel grip instead of top handle.

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Dewalt DCS331B vs DCS334B Comparison

below  I’ll be comparing the Dewalt DCS331B and DCS334B, two of Dewalt’s popular cordless jigsaw models.

While both have their unique features, let’s dive in and see how they stack up against each other.

Feature Dewalt DCS331B Dewalt DCS334B
Motor Brushed Brushless
Battery Compatibility 20V MAX 20V MAX/ FLEXVOLT
Speed (Strokes per Min) 0-3,000 SPM 0-3,200 SPM
Orbital Settings 4 4
Tool-free Blade Change Yes Yes
Bevel Capacity 0°-45° (both sides) 0°-45° (both sides)
LED Work Light No Yes
Integrated Dust Blower Yes Yes
Weight 5.4 lbs (w/o battery) 4.6 lbs (w/o battery)

While both jigsaws come with many similar features, the Dewalt DCS334B has a brushless motor, which generally translates to increased efficiency, longer runtime, and reduced maintenance. The DCS334B also offers LED work light for better visibility while working in dimly lit areas. Lastly, the DCS334B has a slight advantage in speed, providing up to 3,200 SPM compared to the DCS331B’s 3,000 SPM.

On the other hand, the Dewalt DCS331B is a bit heavier than the DCS334B, but it’s still a reliable and robust tool that gets the job done. If you’re already invested in Dewalt’s 20V MAX battery system, both jigsaws will be compatible with your existing batteries.

If you’re looking for a slightly more advanced, lighter jigsaw with better visibility, the Dewalt DCS334B is the one to go for. However, if you’re okay with a brushed motor and don’t require the LED work light, the DCS331B is still a solid choice.

Alternatives – Dewalt DCS334B vs DCS331B vs DCS335B

Dewalt DCS334B Dewalt DCS331B Dewalt DCS335B
Dust BlowerYesYesYes
Orbital Action4 Position4 Position4 Position
Stroke Length1 in1 inND
Strokes/Min0-3000 spm0-3000 spm0-3200 spm
Variable SpeedYesYesYes
Weight5.4 lbs5.4 lbs4.5 lbs
PriceSee price on Amazon!See price on Amazon!See price on Amazon!

Dewalt DCS334 Features

Dewalt DCS334B has been built with features that are there to give you the benefits you wish for. We’ve explained them all here just for you.

Variable Speed

The DCS334B Jigsaw is engineered with variable speed ranging from 0 – 3,200 spins per minute that could be easily adjusted. The variable speed trigger dial makes it ideal for a wide array of applications and various materials such as hardwood, plywood, steel, and plastic.

4-position Orbital Action

The Dewalt 20V jigsaw also has a 4-position orbital action feature that allows you to have excellent control over the tool, creating fast yet quality cuts and curves.

Easy Blade Swap

Changing the blade has been made faster and easier with the DCS334B jigsaw. It has a keyless lever-action bevel clamp that you just have to pull to change your blade quickly. Keyless blade change makes life so much easier.

Adjustable Shoe Bevel

It is furnished with all-metal keyless shoe bevels with detents in various angles at 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 30 degrees, and 45 degrees, providing you some choices of bevel cutting.

dewalt 20v max xr cordless jig saw dcs334b


The Dewalt cordless jigsaw also has an adjustable blower that eliminates dust and debris, allowing you to create more precise and flawless cuts.

Brushless Motor

One of the big plusses of Dewalt DCS334B is that it comes with a brushless motor. With this, you can enjoy a longer runtime than the older DCS331 model.

As for the function, it lets the motor adjust as per the project. If the saw or drill senses more resistance, it draws more power. Contrariwise, if it lacks resistance, it ends up lessening the pull.  Consequently, it helps multiply the runtime and efficiency of the jigsaw while maintaining battery life.

Moreover, the motor achieves a speed of up to 3200 strokes per minute with a 26 mm stroke length, so you can enjoy its powerful performance.

To add more, the jigsaw will not have voltage drop, friction, or noise because of the brushless motor. So, it helps increase motor life too.

No-mar Shoe Cover

Marring can disfigure a picture-perfect piece of material. If you are a new woodworker or hobbyist, you may not mind. However, commercial and professional ones will do everything just to prevent marring.

For this, Dewalt has ended that struggle with the DCS334B jigsaw. It comes with a no-mar shoe cover made of high-quality plastic. This feature can protect your glossy or soft material’s surface from scratch-damages while keeping the materials super-smooth.

Accepts T-shank Jigsaw Blades

T-shank blades have turned out to be universally standard thanks to their compatibility with most of modern jigsaws. And Dewalt DCS334B is one of them as it accepts T-shank jig saw blades. With this, you can get the benefits including optimal holding power and professional results.

Speaking of which, these blades are quick to change. It needs a push of a button to replace. So, the feature can save you time too.

4-position Orbital Action

Dewalt jigsaw features 4-position orbital action that triggers the blade to follow a circular motion. As a result, you can swiftly saw different kinds of materials in a straight line.

Moreover, you can adjust the speed with the variable-speed trigger up to 3200 strokes per minute through this feature. It lets you elevate or reduce the speed range as per the base material.

Additionally, 4-position orbital action can benefit you with both smooth and aggressive cutting functions. For this, you can use the Dewalt jigsaw on different materials, be it plastic, steel, or wood.

Just note down that if you go with more orbital action, you will get faster cuts. And if you go with less orbital action, you will get more precise cuts. So, pick the one that will be suitable for your project.

Adjustable Shoe Bevel

The brand has added adjustable shoe bevels to the construction of Dewalt DCS334B. Since this part of the jigsaw comes in all metal, it can impress you with its sturdiness.

Moreover, it features detents at 0-degree, 15-degree, and 30-degree, and a positive stop at 45-degree.

With this, you can make bevel adjustments to any preferred angle and cut the material’s surface accordingly.

However, the power tool has received some complaints regarding the adjustable shoe bevel. The matter is that it may not have much firm grip for which the shoe does not stay in place. This can disturb your concentration since you will have to stop in the middle and readjust the shoe bevel frequently. This can end up annoying you.

LED Light

You can use this power tool in dimly lit places because the bright LED light illuminates the work surface.


The dimensions of DCS335B are 11.38 x 3.75 x 8.19 inches and DCS334B are 8.25 x 1.75 x 6.38 inches. So, you will find the former longer than the latter. Yet, both are quite compact.

When it comes to weight, DCS334B is lighter than the other one. It comes weighs around 4.2 pounds while DCS335B weighs around 5 pounds.

Moreover, the brand has constructed both with mixed materials and all of them are of high-quality.

One key difference is the grip type. Dewalt DCS334B comes with a top-handle grip with a rubber overmold. With such grip, you will get the benefit of comfort. Contrariwise, Dewalt DCS335B features barrel grip. It helps you enjoy more control.

Except for these, most of the features are somewhat same.

Both Dewalt DCS335B and DCS334B come in the combination of black and yellow color that give them the classic look.

Moreover, they have LED lights that help illuminate the jobsite in dark ambiance so you can do your job peacefully. You will find a dust blower too to shoo away the saw-debris and keep the surface clean.

Additionally, both include brushless motor that gives you the blade speed of up to 3200 strokes per minute. Since they have a variable speed dial, you can adjust the speed anytime depending on the project.

Plus, they come with no-mar shoe cover that works to protect your project from damages. You can remove it as well to protect some of the materials from scratches.

The 4-position orbital action is an amazing feature too of both models. You can make smooth or aggressive cuts easily on different surfaces.

When it comes to the power source, both the jigsaws come cordless. They run through 20V max rechargeable batteries and give longer runtime. Not just that, they do not take much time to recharge too.

However, if you are buying the tool-only model, you will not get the batteries and charger included.


Dewalt has designed both the DCS334B and DCS335B jigsaws with different controls to give you convenience.

There is a push-button on DCS335 that activates the motor. And when it comes to DCS334B, it’s the trigger that does the job.

On top handle grip of the DCS334B, you will find a dial to control the speed. You will find the same in DCS335B but under the main grip on its body. With this feature, you can customize the speed setting to get perfection regardless of the materials.

Not just that, you can control the quality of cuts too thanks to the 4-position orbital action. You will find the knob just above the footplate of both.

Additionally, the DCS334B and DCS335B jigsaws have flexibility to change the angle of the footplate.

As we’ve mentioned, both have LED lights and dust blower. These two features run with the button or trigger that powers the motor.

Speaking of which, there is a button too for the T-shank blades that will just require the press of your thumb to change them.

Users Feedback

The adjustable speeds of Dewalt DCS334B is remarkable since it can cut different materials. The features have given them the power to customize speed that will give a cut quality and accuracy.

Albeit Dewalt DCS334B doesn’t separately possess any special low vibration tech, the saw doesn’t vibrate annoyingly. It stays stable and does the work with low noise.

The grip of the shoe bevel may not be very firm. However, the bevel adjustability has made up for the downside.

As for the battery, the runtime of the Dewalt DCS334B is impressive. It can run for a long period. Since it is cordless, it can be moved around the job site with ease.

Dewalt jig saw is also great for quick blade replacement. It does not need any screwdrivers to insert or remove the blades.

The LED lights of the Dewalt XR jigsaw is an amazing feature. These can light up the surface to easily work in a dark ambiance.

Dewalt DCS334B Review

Dewalt DCS334B is one product that garners many positive customer responses, with minimal visible critical comments.

As a heavy-duty industrial machine, a new user would be glad to be reassured by the large number of satisfied customers that this product has created. It has extreme cutting precision and wields a combination of tools, options, and varieties, making it a useful machine for all home builders.

A few complaints have arisen over the saw’s placement and how it sometimes doesn’t seem to stick in place. Nonetheless, Dewalt jigsaw DCS334B is a fantastic tool, one of the best in its class.

The Dewalt 20V Max XR Cordless jig saw DCS334B is a robust, durable, and reliable cordless jig saw featuring a top-handle design with a soft grip.

A 20-volt Max extended-run LiIon battery powers this saw, so you don’t have to worry about the hassles of having cords around, and even if there is a power outage in your place, you can still continue with your project.

Its unique cordless design also allows you to move around freely, without worrying about the cables or moving farther away from the socket.

Also, its XR extended run-time battery provides extended battery life and run-time without the need for doubling.


Pros and Cons


  • Brushless motor gives long-time performance.
  • Blade change is quick without the need for screwdrivers.
  • Accepts t-shank jog saw blades for quick and easy blade insertion.
  • Amazing for working with different materials.
  • Can cut in a straight line.
  • Orbital action to give you picture-perfect cuts.
  • No-mar shoe cover ensures scratch-free materials
  • Variable speed trigger and dial to get you customizable speed control.
  • Lightweight and compact to give you painless operation.
  • Easy to carry and move thanks to the cordless feature.
  • The runtime is long, and the charge-time is short.
  • Less friction and less noise.
  • LED light gives a better view of the material’s surface to have cut accuracy.
  • Dust blower helps you get rid of the saw-debris.
  • The included anti-splinter insert helps to minimize splintering when cutting laminate and plywood


  • A bit expensive compared to other similar jigsaws.
  • No batteries or charger included with the Dewalt DCS334B and DCS335B bare tools
  • Shoe bevel may not have a firm grip.

Things To Consider Before Buying Dewalt Jigsaw

You must take note of the essential factors that will help you get the best Dewalt jigsaw. If you don’t know which of them you should prioritize, then check out the ones we’ve highlighted here.


It’s the power that acts as the driving force behind the power tool. If it has an ample amount of power, then you can get remarkable performance. However, too much is surely not healthy.

So, the jigsaw must have a mechanism so it can control the power. And you can get it from Dewalt DCS334B. With features like brushless motor and 4-position orbital action, it can cut accurately regardless of the materials.


Apart from up-to-date technologies, the best jigsaw should impress you with its durability. And you may find the benefits in Dewalt DCS334B. It’s sturdy enough to help you get maximum advantages from the power tool for prolonged period.

Moreover, the brand has used different high-quality materials to build the jigsaw. So, you will get the benefit.

Ease of Use

You must curate the jigsaw depending on the demands and requirements of the project. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to pick a complex jigsaw if the project demands.

The good news is that the brand has solved that problem with Dewalt DCS334B. They have designed the jigsaw with high-tech features while making it comfortable to use.

You will find controls, settings, and switches that are very straightforward. Any woodworker, be it new, intermediate or pro can use it.


I hope my review has shed some light on why the Dewalt DCS334B is one of the most popular cordless jigsaws right now.

Dewalt DCS334B can eliminate the issues related to messy and inconsistent cuts. The brand has added all the features including brushless motor and 4-position orbital action to give you comfort. With this, you can enjoy customizable speeds and work with any material you want.

Not just that, the Dewalt jigsaw is light and compact too. So, you can hold it for a longer period without feeling any aches in your hands and shoulders. Plus, you can carry it around too since it’s a cordless tool.

Hope this review has helped you know all the things about the Dewalt DCS334B. If you want to know more, click here and check the power tool yourself.

If you have any questions about this powerful tool, please leave a comment below.

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