Bosch JS572EL 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw Review

By Jack | Updated: October 4, 2018

One of the best choices in the jigsaw product category that should be taken into account is the Bosch JS572EL top handle jigsaw.

For your various carpentry needs, one of the most important things that you should ensure is the presence of the right set of tools and equipment that will make it possible for you to accomplish your woodworking tasks most quickly and conveniently that is possible.

It is essential that you have these tools ready once you start working. Among other things, one that you might need is a top handle jigsaw. Many people have considered such as an essential carpentry item.

With the use of this type of jigsaw, comparable to the barrel-grip type, you will be able to experience the highest level of power and precision when it comes to cutting wood.

The rest of this article will provide you with better insights on why this is an option that you will not regret choosing, and most importantly, on its set of features and functionalities that make it a cut above all others within the competitive landscape.Bosch JS572-EL jigsaw


Powerful 7.2 Amp Motor

Bosch JS572 EL is a formidable and durable jigsaw featuring a top handle design with a soft and comfortable grip that is driven by a powerful 6.4amp motor.

It is engineered with an exclusive Bosch Precision Control II System that stabilizes the saw for quick, accurate and smooth cuts. The system provides 50% more precision compared than other jigsaw models in the market, eliminating blade wander, so you have nothing but great and precise cuts.

It also comes with a dust blower that gets rid of the debris for you to guarantee more precision with your work.

Adjustable Stroke Speed

The JS572EL saw has four position stroke control and adjustable speed ranging from 800- 2,800 strokes per minute that is ideal for cutting a wide array of materials such as wood, steel or plastic. The amount of speed could be adjusted merely using a variable speed trigger found in the tool.

This model is also equipped with Constant Response Circuitry that ensures constant speed through the entire cut for a uniform cutting.

Other great features of JS572EL saw is that it has a fully- counterbalanced mechanism to minimize vibration while working, ambidextrous trigger lock on for long cuts, and two-finger trigger provides comfort and fingertip speed control.

Easy Bevel Cuts

Most people might find doing bevel cuts difficult, but with Bosch JS572EL, you don’t have to worry about that aspect anymore. It is specially designed with a lever that you could just pull releasing the cast aluminum foot, tilt the base to an angle of your choice, and then finally press the lever to set the angle. It comes with an easy-to-read-scale so you can create a smooth and flawless cut for up to 45 degrees.

This Bosch saw also allows you to change blade easily according to your needs. It has One-Touch Blade Change System that enables you to modify blade quickly even with just one hand.

Bosch JS572EL vs JS470E vs JS572EK vs JS572EBK

Often people are confused when trying to choose between Bosch JS572EL, JS572EBK, and JS470E jigsaws.

Here is the comparison table.

Model Price Motor Grip Rollers LED light Kit also includes
JS470E $$$ 7.0 Amp Top-Handle Grip Internal precision-machined plunging system No (1) no-mar overshoe, (1) anti-splinter insert, (1) blade, bevel wrench, (1) carrying case
JS572EBK $$$$$ 7.2 Amp Barrel soft Grip Precision Control II double-roller system Yes (3) assorted blades, (1) anti-splinter insert, (1) plastic shoe, (1) carrying case
JS572EK $$$$ 7.2 Amp Top-Handle Grip Precision Control II double-roller system Yes (3) assorted blades, (1) anti-splinter insert, (1) plastic shoe, (1) carrying case
JS572EL Discontinued 7.2 Amp Top-Handle Grip Precision Control II double-roller system Yes (3) assorted blades, (1) anti-splinter insert, (1) plastic shoe, (1) L-BOXX carrying case

Actually, it is the same product with different cases.

  • JS572EBK – the most expensive version with barrel grip, Precision Control II double-roller system, and LED light
  • JS572EK – the same as above but with top-handle grip
  • JS572EL – the same as JS572EK but with L-BOXX stackable plastic case (discontinued)
  • JS470E – cheaper top-handle model with 7 Amp motor, simpler precision system and without the LED light

Customer Reviews

During my research, I found that buyers were extremely impressed with the cutting precision of the Bosch JS572EK Jig Saw. The saw has a new blade stability system that makes perfect squared cuts even through the 2×4 wood. The blade has switches for both smooth and aggressive cuts. It is powerful enough for light metal cutting and can also cut a perfect circle. It has an LED light bright enough to light your way as you are cutting your material and the on/off switch for the sawdust blower keeps the cut line clear which is an excellent addition on the tool.

Buyers love the fact that you can set the maximum cutting speed from 1 (slow) to 6 (extremely fast), there is minimal vibration due to counterbalancing mechanism even when you’re cutting in the highest speed. While handling the jigsaw, the handle is comfortable, and none of the controls hinder your fingers as you are cutting. The saw is very easy to control.

While researching, I found that users love the power this jug saw brings to the table. It has a 7.2 amp motor that is one of the most powerful motors of any jigsaws, it really packs a punch. Electronic feedback circuitry maintains full power across all speed levels.

The jigsaw has a toolless blade-change system, just move the blade lever forward, and it pops out avoiding having to touch the hot blade after cutting.

I think buyers are also impressed with the unusually long flexible rubber cord, at 13 feet long you don’t have to use extension cords and get mixed up with more cables.

Jig saw enthusiasts praised how lightweight the Bosch JS572EK is. The saw weights at 5 pounds 10 ounces with product dimensions at 9.2 x 4 x 8.5 inches making it a very light tool for its category.

I think that the fact that the saw is made in Europe gives buyers assurance rather than some poorly cheap made Chinese blade.

Pros and Cons


Easy handling
The tool is straightforward to use, the handling is also second to none on this tool even when cutting on the highest speed available. The blade has 4 position orbit switch, different blade strokes for smooth to aggressive cuts.

Powerful and precision cuts
The tool has a 7.2 amp motor that can be considered an industry standard for this category of devices. You can perform perfect clean and squared cuts to any wooden material as well as light metal. The Bosch JS572EK also features the Precision Control II double-roller system minimizes blade deflection for excellent cut precision. The self-adjusting guidance system fine-tunes the rollers to varied blade thicknesses.

Extra features designed for your cutting needs
This tool comes with a 13 feet long flexible rubber cord so you won’t have any problems with dealing with extension cords as well as a nice LED light attached to the blade perfect for lighting your way while cutting and a sawdust blower to clean your way while cutting.

Shoe adjusting feature
The saw has a lever on the right side that releases the shoe for adjusting the cutting angle, engages at 0 degrees, 45 left, 45 right and can cut angles between 45 left and 45 right with no tools required.


Difficult to remove over-shoe
The steel-over shoe is difficult to remove because its metal sides pinch too tightly on the plastic shoe’s edge. The only way to remove it seems to be by hitting on it with something which eventually will damage the plastic shoe or the tool itself.

For this set of power tools, the saw is very loud, so always make sure you wear hearing protection. The safety ear muffs like Mpow 035 seems to do this job quite nicely, and at a low price these, bad boys can protect your ears from gun sounds let alone the loudness of the power tool.


The Bosch JS572EK jigsaw is one of the most powerful tools of its category of power tools.

With extreme cutting precision and ability to make perfectly squared cuts, it’s a must-have tool for cutting any size of wood and light metal.

It’s easy to use and comfortable on the hand with features added to help you while working. With 6 speeds available and easy to change blade system, it’s a must-have jug saw for all kinds of projects.