All Power America APG3014 Portable Generator Review

By | September 9, 2020

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When you need a small compact generator for emergency and home use, the All Power America APG3014 generator is the perfect one for you.

It’s a low-end generator that can satisfy your needs. It is rather small and packs a smaller power when compared to higher classes of generators that also costs a lot more.

Even with that low price tag, it features a four-stroke engine that gives out 3HP.

Also, oil and gas will not mix anymore and that lessens your worries. Don’t expect an electric starter because you will have to use the recoil start instead if you start up the engine.

Expect quiet operation, as this great APG3014 device has a rating of only 68 decibels.

All Power America APG3014, 1400 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable GeneratorAll Power America APG3014, 1400 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable GeneratorCheck Price


Producing the 2000 watts at peak power and 1200 watts for continuous output, you can really rely on this generator.

It comes with charging cables for your batteries if you need to charge them. Just plug the cables in the front panel of the generator and you are good to go.

The APG3014 also makes it easy for you to use 120 V power with the 120-DC outputs.

If you want to plug in you cellphone or MP3 players, there’s a 12-volt DC outlet for that.

The tank of this best portable generator can accommodate 1.3 gallons of fuel every time. It also turns itself off when it has detected that the fuel is not enough anymore.

With a full tank, run time is about 9 hours at 50% load. That’s a long run time of you consider how small this generator seems to be.

In terms of design, the APG generator is very compact. If you need a power source when you are going camping or boating or visiting a remote area, this will fit into your truck without hassle.

The rubber feet will prevent it from moving from its place due to the vibrations.


All Power America APG3014 Customer Reviews

When hearing the name ‘All Power America APG 3014’, a lot of strong patriotic images come to mind. The reality is not too far from that imagination, as this is one machine that is all about power.

Built to combat load shedding and electricity blackouts, the APG3014 is durable and long-lasting. The fuel tank, air filter and drainage panel are some of the many features that have been admired by customers.

It is also very light compared to its function, which enables it to be carried around easily. It is easy to charge, and the rubber feet provide friction against the surface it stands on.

Sadly, the power might not be as high as one would expect. With a power limit of 120 volts, the APG3014 model fails to provide a sufficient amount of electricity to powerful electronics. Thus, it becomes obsolete unless used for light purposes, which would include lighting up bulbs and other home appliances.

In the end, it does provide the necessary function it is intended to do. Because of its size and weight, it should not be used for heavy-duty action; however, as far as generators of its stature go, it is one of the best around.

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