DEWALT DC720KA 18-Volt Cordless Compact Drill/Driver Reviews

By Jack | Updated: August 16, 2018

If you need a handy tool that delivers excellent performance when and where you need it, then the DEWALT DC720KA Cordless Drill should be the one you must check out.

DC720 has the features all power tools should have, and it comes in a portable size that you can bring anywhere with you (click here to learn more…).

This unit is available as a stand-alone tool DC720B or bundled with batteries, charger, and other accessories as DC720KA Kit.


PDEWALT DC720KA reviewrofessionals must have their own DeWalt tools already because of the capabilities and functionality of these tools.

The DEWALT DC720 KA 18 volt drill/driver is a powerful tool that will surely help you out in your tasks. It has a powerful frameless motor for all your driving and drilling needs. As for durability, the all-metal planetary gears will really withstand long-time use. The DC720 driver is a compact unit that is designed to give the user a smooth and robust operation.

It is just about 15 inches in length, and you will surely find it easy to handle. You can even work in tight locations using this drill. It has a work light that can improve visibility in tight spaces. That way, you don’t have to look for a flashlight every time you need to work indoors.

This drill also has exceptional ergonomics to reduce operator fatigue. If you have to work with a lot of tasks, this tool will surely help you out.

The heavy duty cordless tool is indeed a great addition to any workman’s set. Not only is it durable, but it also promises to give increased power and speed so that you finish your projects in no time.


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Customer Reviews

The Dewalt DC720KA cordless 18-Volt compact drill/driver has plenty of power for any job you need to be done. I found that users liked the control on the depth that can be applied. You can really control the power that is used, making the user in charge. I found that users were pleasantly surprised that there was no lack of torque despite this being a cordless tool.

It can be used with any material.  The LED light has helped many users avoid having to hold a flashlight and a power tool. It has long battery life and is lightweight – it’s only 4.8 lbs- and easy to handle. It even comes with a second battery in the kit.

Many users called this product the last drill they would ever need to buy, even after having used different brands of power tools in the past. This has proven to be a reliable brand with this tool.

There weren’t any major complaints, which speaks to the reliability of this product. The one minor complaint I could find was that there was a slight electrical odor when using the drill, but the reviewer did not see it as a significant concern that affected his/her work. Some people complained about the battery life, but the overall consensus was that this unit has a decent battery life.

People appear to be very satisfied with this product, often so happy that they’ve given this tool as a gift to multiple people. This product is a wise investment that has worked well for people and has a long-lasting lifespan.

Comparison With Similar Models

DC720KA vs DC720B

  • DC720B – bare toolset that includes only the DC720 drill.
  • DC720 KA – kit with drill, 2 batteries and battery charger, and box included.

DC 720 vs DC759

Dewalt model DC720 is the newer upgraded model launched to replace the DC759.

The newer tool has a new improved motor that makes it lighter and more compact, and it has built-in LED light.

Another improvement is 1.7Ah DC9099 battery (vs 1.2Ah DC9098 battery used in the older model).

DC720KA vs DC970K-2

The DC970K-2 kit includes the older design model DC759KA mentioned above.

DC720 KA and DCD760KL

The drill bundled in the DCD760KL set is the same tool from DC720KA set. The difference is that DCD760KL set has new lithium batteries and a new charger.

What is In The Box?

This toolkit includes:

  • the tool iteself
  • 2 pcs of 18-volt battery packs
  • a charger
  • a heavy-duty kit box.

When you run out of battery, you can charge it for just about an hour and then you are ready to go again. You also get to enjoy the convenience of cordless tools when it comes to wiring.

You don’t have to deal with wires anymore that usually become a source of an accident in the workplace.


This kit is an excellent piece of equipment that you might consider getting if you are looking for a new tool of this type.

This is the right cordless tool, and the manufacturer has made sure that you are comfortable in using it.

Before going to your local store, please check the DC720 price on Amazon!