Makita 6347DWDE 18-Volt NIMH Cordless Drill Review

By Jack | Updated: June 27, 2014

When shopping for tools for your household renovation or improvement projects, make sure that you get good drill like the Makita 6347D Cordless Drill.

This is a portable tool that will handle all your applications with ease and provides comfort to the user as well.

Makita 6347DWDE 18-Volt NIMH Cordless Drill ReviewWhen heavy duty tools tend to be heavy as well, this one great tool will really make you love your work.

Finish all your drilling and driving with the use of this tool. You will find that this is a very easy-to-handle piece of equipment with great features and efficiency.

Take a step and admire the workmanship of this drill/driver.

Makita 6347DWDE Cordless 18 Volt Drill – Efficient and Powerful

A drill/driver should be efficient and packs a lot of power in order to finish the task. If those are the features you are looking for, then the Makita 6347D drill/driver will not bring you down.

If you are in need of drilling and driving equipment, the efficient power of this drill will be of great help to you. The dual speeds of 0-100/0-1,300 rpm will assure you of a great outcome. The powerful all-metal transmission is smooth. The dual ball bearings, field magnet and precision balancing all make this equipment a heaven sent.

Makita does not want to compromise your comfort with its equipment. It has been one of the best manufacturers of industrial tools and they have a lot of experience when it comes to customer satisfaction. In the same way, they get such good reviews because they make sure they provide their consumers with equipments of topnotch quality.

Shift Lock Drive Mode Switch

The exclusive Shift Lock Drive works by locking out the clutch with just a single click. This is the easiest way to switch from “Drill” to “Driver” mode.

The amazing rubberized handle is very good to the hands and the ergonomic hand grip provides comfort while you are working. Even by just holding the tool, you will find out why Makita indeed is a great brand.

Customer Reviews

Continuing the successful line of mechanical combo kits and power tools, the 6347DWDE establishes itself as a proud new model of the famous Makita products.

Even though it is less popular compared to other Makita kits, the 6347DWDE is an amazing tool when its price is taken into account.

Accomplishing the tasks of screw driving and drilling together has never been easier before. Able to fit into multiple different works, the professionals have valued this model to be energy efficient. Its extended battery life has been a constant subject of praise.

Those who prefer fixing their own household appliances have also reported to have fallen in love with this marvel due to how easy it is to use. Specifically, one con that appears from using the Makita 6347DWDE from a professional standpoint, is a certain lack in strength. Having at least 14.5 volts of power would have made this product totally perfect.

Box Contents

Aside from the drill/driver, there are 2 batteries included as well as the two-headed bit, multi-volt charger, plastic tool case and keyless chuck. You will surely love to do the drilling and driving when you get this Makita 6347 DWDE.