Dewalt DCK292L2 20-Volt MAX Hammer Drill and Reciprocating Saw Combo Kit Review

Welcome the Dewalt hammer drill reciprocating saw combo – the DEWALT DCK292L2!

This tool kit includes a hammer drill and a reciprocating saw. These tools can aid in a different home or work repairs and constructions.

DEWALT DCK292L2As this set of tools carries a world-renowned brand under its belt, we can rest assured that these tools are of quality.

So if you are looking for another set of tools to add to your current one, or just needs something to help in basic repairs, you definitely may want to check out DEWALT DCK292L2.

The tools included in the DCK292L2 set are very easy to use, that everyone, male, female, professionals or amateurs, will not have a hard time getting things done, with pleasing results.

And off you go with all those hanging construction tasks.

Components of DEWALT DCK292L2

DEWALT DCK292L2 is a two tool kit, consisting of a DCD785 1/2-inch hammer drill, as well as DCS 380 reciprocating saw. These two tools have proven its usefulness in the home or work repairs and constructions.

DCD785 Hammer Drill

DEWALT DCD985 Hammer DrillThe DCD785 1/2-inch hammer drill is very much helpful and useful for light and moderate drilling jobs, as it has a 525 unit motor watts, which provides superior performance for these kinds of applications.

With the DCD785 drill, slippage is reduced as it has a ½ ratcheting chuck with carbide inserts that give the drill a bit-gripping strength.

The users can also adjust and choose there preferred speed for the drill as it has three patented all-metal transmission speed options of 0-600 rpm, 0-1250 rpm, and 0-2000 rpm. This gives the readers the control over the speed they deemed suitable to the task at hand.

DCS380 Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT DCS380 Reciprocating SawOn the other hand, the DCS380 saw offers features that will raise the versatility and efficiency on the job given.

It can perform flush cutting and definitely can reach tight and cramped spaces since DCS380 reciprocating saw has four-position keyless blade clamp.

It can also cut in deep depth with definite cut control with its pivoting adjustable shoe. This is especially perfect for those who need to do cutting in various depths. Moreover, the DCS380 saw has rubber over mold grip to ensure user’s comfort.

The DCK292L2 kit also has a built-in LED work light, which gives the visibility over and when working in dimly or darkly lit areas.

What Else Is In The Box?

Aside from the two tools included with DEWALT DCK292-L2 tool kit, this also includes two 20-volt max 3.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries, one 30-minute Energy Star-rated charger, one 360-degree side handle, and one storage and carrying bag.

Why Should You Buy This Kit?

If you are looking to invest in power tools, you probably would want something of quality and would last for quite some time, then DCK292L2 kit would be a great choice for you.

It carries the quality name of Dewalt and offers some more. It is very easy to use, that everyone in your house, male, female, amateur or professional, can definitely use this for repair and construction.

The DCK292L2 also ensured that the tools included in this set are very much comfortable, even during long hours of use.

This will be a great addition to your current tool kits, and would also be a great kit for those who are just starting. This is definitely can be used at home and work. Click here to check the DEWALT DCK292L2 price!.