Best Saw Reviews 2018 – Comparisons of Saw Types

Finding that perfect saw for a particular task can turn confusing if you are not really sure of what to look for.

But it is essential to use the perfect saw when looking to perform a task in order to achieve an efficient outcome.

This piece sheds light on few of the types of saws available on the market and the uses into which these tools can best be put to.

In this article, I will review the most common saw types and best and top-rated saw models. Below you will see a quick draft of what we are going to discuss.


Also called a saber saw, a jigsaw is a handheld saw that is used for tasks that are detailed and very delicate.

It features a blade measuring between three and four inches in length and a width of between 1/4 inches to 3/8 inches.

The blade, which sticks out at the base of the saw, sits on the wood to be cut and slides on its surface, moving up and down as it cuts the wood on the upstroke.

Jigsaws are commonly used when trying to cut irregular shapes into plywood and other engineered wood product.

However, the blade is usually very fragile and can bend easily, compromising its ability to cut accurately. This type of saws is also not suited for cutting very fast.




Bosch 1591EVSL

Bosch JS572EL jigsawBosch JS572EL

Miter Saws

Miter saws have 10-inch and 12-inch blades that are circular in nature and similar to those found on table saws.



Since their blades come with more teeth, these saws make the smoother cut than circular saws. They are the saws of choice when looking to accurately miter cut wood trim for cabinetry and crown molding or to finish carpentry work.

It has to be noted that these saws come in different varieties, each with its own cutting style. For example, miter or straight crosscuts can be made in wood molding with a basic miter saw.

A sliding miter saw is able to make longer miter cut, being mounted on rails, while compound angles can be cut with a compound miter saw. It is worthy of note also that these saws are not helpful when working with steel, though.

Scroll Saws

These are highly popular among artists and hobbyists.

DEWALT DW788Scroll saws are very useful in cutting different types of shapes. A scroll saw has a slender blade, which is mounted between a platform and an arm.

Almost all shapes can be cut with these saws by moving the wood material to be cut around the platform in comparison with the blade.

Scroll saws are capable of making intricate curves that cannot be made with other types of saws and accurately, too. They are also safer in relation to most other saws.

Circular Saws

These are portable saws featuring circular blades that are usually between 7 inches and 14 inches in diameter, although there are offerings with smaller diameters.

Dewalt DCS393 6.5 inch circular sawA circular saw is commonly used by woodworkers for rough framing. This type of saw is very easy and fast to use when cutting through dimensional and engineered sheet lumber.

There are two common designs of circular saws. The more common of the two, which has the blade aligned with the motor shaft, involves the use of a pair of gears to transmit power to the blade from the motor shaft.

The second, “worm drive” design has the shaft of the motor aligned with the saw. The second design is more powerful and precise, although it is noticeably heavier.

One drawback of circular saws is that they are not ideal for detailed finishing work.

Table Saws

From Benchtop to Cabinet table saw, all kinds of table saws can be found at with a huge variety of offers.

These home improvement power tools are there to make your lives easier. No need to worry about making space for these hi-tech machines either, as some of these are also foldable.

If you’re looking for nothing less than the best, try out the DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Jobsite Table saw with 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity and Rolling Stand. Professional models as such will cost you around $1000-1500.

However, if you want them at a more wallet-friendly price, Hitachi and Rockwell have an excellent range of table saws starting from $90 to a tad more expensive $200.

Bosch is a better mid-range choice with their prices around $250-400 for excellent mid-range products. Keter, Genesis, and Skil provide quality table saws as well, with prices ranging from $50-300.

Finally, Woodtek has a great new hybrid table saw model for over around $1000 for those who want a more professional and innovative product.

Bosch 4100

Bosch 4100

dewalt dw745 jigsawDewalt DW745